The latest updates on Janine Lindemulder.


RadarOnline reports that Janine Lindemulder went to an Orange County police station to voice her concerns fearing her ex-husband Jesse James will try to spike her food & drinks so she can test positive for drugs. Janine told the police that she was told a mutual female friend of both her & Jesse will try to trick her which would then lead to Janine coming back positive for drugs. The police told her they need more evidence but at least now if anything happens to her, they have been warned. Jesse’s lawyers had no comment.

It seems Jesse’s first wife Karla has no backbone and will uproot not only her life but her two children’s lives so to follow Jesse to Texas in his quest to win back Sandra Bullock. Karla has primary custody of her children and doesn’t have to move anywhere. Jesse has stated he wants his three children to be closer to Sandra and for them to continue to have a relationship with her. Because we all know that mothers mean nothing while the former babysitter/third wife is more important to these children than their own mothers.

Janine has already left her current husband Jeremy Aikman for her daughter though Jeremy was never the problem. Janine had also stated she would move to Texas to be with her daughter so her daughter could continue her relationship with Sandra. But the overall problem in this entire case is Jesse himself and how he doesn’t want Janine to be anywhere near her daughter. Jesse says he wants to protect their daughter from her mother because Janine is a porn star, former stripper, and a former drug addict. Though reports say his first wife is a former stripper and many of his mistresses, while married to Sandra Bullock, work in the adult industry.

Jesse’s lawyers are now claiming that Janine isn’t feeding her daughter when she visits:

“What is the point of me going to Texas because they don’t want me to be involved in co-parenting Sunny. Jesse’s lawyer recently sent my lawyer a letter claiming that I was not feeding our daughter during her visits with me.”

“Apparently Sunny is now a vegetarian after living with Jesse and Sandra but nobody told me and I was feeding her chicken strips and burgers – just normal stuff for kids.”

“They also accused me of not putting enough sun block on Sunny. It just never stops, he is trying to find any excuse to say I’m an unfit parent. This is the latest attempt to sabotage my custody bid – this is all about what Jesse wants, nothing else.”

TMZ is reporting that Jesse has submitted emails to the court claiming Janine admitted to doing drugs, is a prostitute, and is jealous of Sandra Bullock. But the emails they show are only transcripts of the emails. In order for anyone to believe the emails exist, you have to show the screencaps of the emails, not just the transcripts.

Janine has passed every drug test they’ve made her take these past couple of years. And no woman in the state of California will lose her children because she’s a prostitute. Janine has been in the adult industry since she was 18. Jesse married a porn star and got a porn star pregnant. But Jesse claiming Janine was also a prostitute is what makes her an unfit mother?? His first wife was reportedly a stripper while his second wife is a porn star. But Jesse is the one who settled out of court twice on sexual assault. Now you tell me who is more of a danger!!

These emails are also from Jesse’s sister who has recently betrayed Janine for Jesse. His sister Julianna was always very vocal in her support of Janine despite what Jesse wanted. So what changed between all these years up until earlier this year? What changed is Sandra Bullock left Jesse. Jesse’s sister was very supportive of Janine until Jesse’s ace in his custody case filed for divorce. I believe Jesse threatened his sister in some way to stop supporting Janine and come out publicly attacking her. What other reason could there be?? Either he is financially supporting his sister & her husband or he started to emotionally blackmail her with family baggage.

In other news, TMZ is reporting that Janine is now a professional clown. New documents were filed in her custody battle with Jesse saying how Janine has successfully completed basic training courses at the “Academy of Performing Arts in Clowning”.

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