Now Jesse James has his oldest children ridiculing Janine to her six-year-old daughter.


Previous court documents had shown how Janine is now a professional clown after successfully completing basic training courses at the “Academy of Performing Arts in Clowning”. Now this RadarOnline article says Jesse’s son Chandler was mocking Janine’s new job to her daughter. But Chandler is Jesse’s oldest teenage daughter. So it was either his oldest daughter or son and someone got the name wrong.

RadarOnline had also previously reported how Jesse had told Janine’s daughter that she wouldn’t want to live with her mother anymore because she will be staying in a crappy condo and would have to take the bus everywhere. Yes because we all know people should lose custody of their children for being poor. Janine wouldn’t be poor if her multi-millionaire ex-husband had been paying child support. Janine says he never paid a dime in child support ever.

So Janine’s young daughter has her father attacking her mother in front of her, his oldest children are attacking her mother in front of her, and later I’ll be writing how Sandra Bullock started attacking her mother in front of her. This young child is being torn apart by Jesse, Sandra, and his family while many of you still defend them saying how Janine should lose her daughter because she’s a porn star.

From RadarOnline:

“Sandra Bullock might as well be the Mayor of Austin and I am going in like the black sheep. Jesse will follow Sandra wherever she goes. I can not compete with what they gave to offer Sunny with these incredible mansions and lifestyles,” Lindemulder said.

“He does not want me in the picture, he is negative. We couldn’t come to an agreement when we only lived 15 miles apart. So I believe I am trying to be replaced by Sandra Bullock,” she said.

“I will be there for my daughter’s every beck and call whereas Jesse and Sandra can not.”

Lindemulder told the court that she is no longer working in the adult entertainment industry – and instead wants to attend Clown College because she would like to entertain old people and patients in hospitals. She added that Jesse’s son, Chandler, has poked fun at her clowning aspirations to Sunny.

Under cross examination by James’ lawyer John Schilling, Lindemulder admitted that she was taking Clonidine and Prestiq to deal w ith stress and that she suffered a stroke at Christmas 2009. Clonidine is used to treat high blood pressure and has other applications; Prestiq is an anti-depressant.

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