Jesse James’ sister’s email about how he & Sandra Bullock have hurt their entire family.

Thank you to momn8rx for leaving this comment posting the email I couldn’t access!

momn8rx – July 14, 2010

This is what Julianna wrote about Jesse (whose real name is Greg as used in the email):

Date: Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 7:54 PM


So how does it feel to ‘buy’ a daughter?? I bet you guys are proud! I am praying that you or your wife don’t sleep at night. You both must have a full-time job of hatred and I bet you both have to work at it 24 hours a day. Shame on you for doing all you can to separate Sunny from her mother. You will NEVER have what Janine and Sunny have. NEVER. and neither will your wife. You cannot and will not ever be able to buy this like you think you have! The reasons you have thrown Sunny’s mom under the bus is because of your insane jealousy of their relationship, and your severe mental illness issues.

Just so you know, I have EVERY SINGLE pathetic email and text that you have ever sent to Janine, with all your threats, false claims and hatred. Does your wife ever get to read these texts and emails you have sent to Janine? She will one day, I promise you this. There are so many of these, I bet you can’t even begin to recall what they all say.

You and your wife think just because you have ‘money’ that you can get away with manipulating anything! Well you can’t. You cannot ‘buy’ Sunny.

I have kept my mouth shut while you have hurt Dad, Toni, Janine, Sunny, Taylor, Ty, Mary Fronte, Uncle Jon, Steve James, Mike Berg, Mike Seate, me (shall I go on?) and everyone else you cross pathes with. If things don’t go your way, you manipulate and fabricate them until they do. You go thru people like water and you know it. Your vendetta against Sunny’s mother will eventually come back to you. Think about the agressiveness you have within you to ‘ruin’ people with your fabrications and hatred. I have that aggressiveness too, but to do the right thing against you and your wife. And I am going to do the right thing.

What you both have done to Janine is more than wrong. You know this. You are in a sense taking AIR from Sunny that she breathes. If either of you had even an ounce of love for Sunny, you would not be taking her mom from her. All of this has NEVER been about Sunny, it’s about YOU. Everything is about YOU and what YOU want.

Don’t even think of taking me on Greg. I will do what’s right. What’s right here is not what you and your wife think is right. You both twist what’s right until it is ‘right for you’. You may think you have won, but you haven’t. You’ve really just lost. And Sunny has lost. She will suffer, due to you and your wife’s manipulations and hatred.

Please reply to this email. It will give me one more to add to my stockpile and pass along to those others who made need it to define your character. If you have Rachael reply, as you usually do because you can’t fight your own battles, then let her know that I will file with the police for harrassment. This is between you and I. Be a man.

Shame on you, shame on both of you.

In closing, there is ONE truth to all of this. It’s true what they call you….a fabricator. You have truly mastered this profession.

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