Sandra Bullock told Janine Lindemulder’s daughter she was happy her mother was in prison.


TMZ is reporting that during yesterday’s custody hearing, Alex Bon, Sunny’s pre-kindergarten teacher, testified that Sandra Bullock made derogatory comments about Janine in front of her daughter Sunny:

“Quite frankly, I’m glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else’s life.”

Whose life did Janine ruin? Hurricane Sandra came into her life destroying everything in sight. First Sandra went after Janine’s husband and then after her daughter three years later. Just because Janine didn’t go away quietly allowing these two to take her daughter doesn’t make her the guilty party. Sandra & Jesse have destroyed the lives of two mothers and their three children all because an aging Hollywood actress couldn’t have her own children.

While in court, Jesse also claimed that Janine threatened to kill him. What mother wouldn’t?? With the absolute hell Jesse & Sandra have put Janine and her children through for all these years AND after suffering a stroke this past December, I can’t imagine anyone not threatening to kill the person who has put them through all of this:

Jesse James’ ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, threatened to kill him … this according to what Jesse’s lawyer just told the judge in their custody war.

Jesse has been testifying on the stand this morning, but hasn’t mentioned the allegation … so far.

The one who is fearing for their safety is Janine. She went to an Orange County police station to voice her concerns fearing Jesse will try to spike her food & drinks so she can test positive for drugs. Janine told the police that she was told a mutual female friend of both her & Jesse will try to trick her which would then lead to Janine coming back positive for drugs. The police told her they need more evidence but at least now if anything happens to her, they have been warned. Jesse’s lawyers had no comment.

RadarOnline has up this video of Janine and Jesse leaving court on Monday. And the pictures above are from RadarOnline from outside court.

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7 Responses to Sandra Bullock told Janine Lindemulder’s daughter she was happy her mother was in prison.

  1. Heather Pink says:

    What a bitch, regardless of how anyone feels towards Janine it’s always the ones that the press makes out to be nice people that never are.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I despise her. Money bought her that title of America’s sweetheart. Plain evil what she’s done to Janine and her family. Doing this to another woman.

  3. frog says:

    Darrah, you fucked out the quoting and stuff in this post. What are the **’s for? And, it looks like your crediting TMZ after some text you wrote yourself. You’ve got entertaining stuff in there, but it’s all broken up by poor organization.

    Sandra Bullock sucks. I hate the whole modern concept of fame. I eagerly await how the internet is going to change entertainment and there’s gonna be shows everywhere. Bringing down the records industry is only the very first baby step. It’s gonna be so much harder to monopolize entertainment and have people in Hollywood anoint who our idols are.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    There are 4 different stories here and so I put the ** to separate them. lol Instead of making four more different post on top of all the other Janine posts I made today. And what’s in blockquote is from TMZ and what’s outside is mine.

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    I fixed it up a bit, I think.

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  7. frog says:

    Yeah, it looks fine now. The **’s was an awful idea.

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