Jesse James has already enrolled Janine Lindemulder’s daughter in a Texas school a few miles near Sandra Bullock’s home.


RadarOnline has up these pictures of the $2 million dollar home Jesse James has just bought in Austin, Texas. While Janine had to go back to porn to pay her bills to support her children because she never got any alimony and child support, her multi-millionaire ex-husband lives in luxury.

Jesse told the judge that his new home is fifteen miles away from Sandra Bullock’s home and one mile away from the new home his first wife Karla was forced to just buy. Why exactly is Sandra’s name being brought up when it comes to his new home? Sandra is now his ex-wife and was only the babysitter/third wife to his three children. Why is this woman constantly being made out to be the most important person in these kid’s lives? Janine’s daughter only knew Sandra for three to four years while his two oldest children only knew her for over five years. People come and go out of children’s lives all the time. The third ex-wife is not a factor in their lives and meaningless in this case.

His first wife Karla has now had to uproot her children and give up her own life so to follow her first husband to Texas so he can chase after his third ex-wife. Has Jesse threatened to pull her child support and take away her children too if she refuses??

Jesse told the court:

“It is a very private estate – my current place in Sunset Beach is too small for my kids and our dogs.”

“My ex-wife Karla has bought another place about 1 mile away and we have enrolled our three kids in the nearby Waldorf School.”

“Our new place is about 15 miles away from where Sandy has a property as the Crowe flies – but about 30 miles by actual road.”

“Sandy and I have never had any problems in Austin it is not such a media hotbed as Los Angeles or Orange County.”

Many of the people who support Sandra Bullock say Jesse is stalking her by following her to Texas. I say bullshit! No one is stalking her! This is also being orchestrated by Sandra. Her ex-husband just bought a new home fifteen miles away from her and she hasn’t filed a restraining order yet?? Sandra has done many interviews saying she will co-parent Jesse’s three children. So her monstrous ego wants these children to come to her and uprooted to Texas. She has homes in California where all his three children live. But the lives of two mothers and three children have to be destroyed so that Sandra can have easier access to them in Texas.

I’ve always believed Sandra only divorced Jesse because pictures of him posing in Nazi memorabilia surfaced and she wanted to save her movie career. I’ve also believed that she will eventually take him back in a couple of years after everything has died down. So she wants his three children to come to her instead of her visiting them in California, if the mothers allowed her to. This is the ego that Hollywood has created. She went after another woman’s husband and went after her daughter three years later.

Why would any man would want this woman back after she’s already keeping him away from the child they adopted together? The paperwork wasn’t final yet but Sandra & Jesse started the adoption process of their son together and they were already caring for their new baby before the scandal broke resulting in her filing for divorce. So because he cheated on her, she’s keeping him away from his son with her now legally having sole custody of her new son. Though Sandra seems to forget Jesse left Janine while she was pregnant for her. So according to Sandra, she has four children while Jesse only has three. She’s already given statements saying she can’t imagine her life without them. Well imagine it and deal with it! You can’t co-parent children that aren’t yours and who have their own mothers.

I guarantee you this Texas move & the uprooting of Karla and her children was all orchestrated by Sandra Bullock and she will eventually take Jesse back.

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2 Responses to Jesse James has already enrolled Janine Lindemulder’s daughter in a Texas school a few miles near Sandra Bullock’s home.

  1. momn8rx says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds this assembly of exes in Texas just a tish bizarre? Is West Coast Choppers the new Waco (West Coast Waco), Jesse Koresh and his dozen wives/mistresses? Remember, it gets ugly when Janet Reno comes to town. Just saying.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I also saw it as a cult. But I see it as Sandra as the leader. Jesse never once cared about Sunny until Sandra came along. Now his first wife and her children now have to move to Texas as well. Doesn’t the rest of his family like his mother and sister live in California? He says it’s to protect the kids from the paparazzi. But there are many secluded places in California where they could live and no one would hear a peep.

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