Jesse James’ sister claims that Janine Lindemulder is threatening her.


Jesse James’ sister Julie tells TMZ that Janine and her mother have sent her threatening emails. Cry me a river! Get a backbone bitch! Julie always supported Janine in her custody battle with Jesse and suddenly turned on her after Sandra Bullock divorced her brother. Now she’s trying to help that asshole take away Janine’s daughter all so he can use her to try to win back Sandra. I too would be threatening anyone who is trying to help take away my child!

Julie claims Janine’s mother emailed her this threat:

“You and your sh*tbag brother need to back off my daughter and granddaughter if you both know what’s best for you.”

And claims that Janine emailed her this later the same day:

“All this sh*t you are causing with your brother julie [sic], isn’t going to turn out well.”

Are these so-called emails actual screencaps or just a transcript once again? Because transcripts prove nothing.

Julie tells TMZ that she won’t be filing a police report but have sent the emails to Jesse’s lawyer. She probably didn’t file a police report because no emails exist!

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