John Stagliano is free after all charges were dropped today! (Pictures)


John Stagliano and his companies, Evil Angel Productions and John Stagliano Inc., were charged with seven counts of illegal possession, distribution, and the sale of two adult videos sent through the mail. The two videos are Milk Nymphos 5 & Storm Squirters 2. There’s also a third video, the internet trailer for Fetish Fanatic 5. John was facing a maximum of 32 years in prison and $7 million in fines if convicted on all counts.

All charges were dropped after the government made so many mistakes and ended up looking like fools. I explained that all in this previous post. So many years and the money John’s family have gone through and the tax dollars wasted on a case that should never have happened. Go after the Max Hardcore’s of the industry, not John Stagliano. It’s people like Max Hardcore that waved that flag to the authorities inviting them into the industry to go after people like John. If you don’t police your own industry and kick out the people who don’t belong, then more sham trials like what happened to John will continue to happen.

The pictures above are of John and his lawyers outside the courtroom after their victory. Thank you to Richard Abowitz for use of the pictures.

You can read Richard’s coverage of the trial at

Richard was also tweeting live from the courtoom as events unfolded. Here are his newest tweets:

judge refused to strike fbi agent. But prosecutor must submit affidavit that she did not tell agent what he testified under oath

FBI agent swore under oath he was told by the prosecutor that the judge wanted him to prepare for testimony. Prosecutor denies it

Prosecution has rested. Stagliano lawyers arguing govt indicted a company that no longer exists in #stagliano

no one testified the DVDs were ever in DC. Govt seems to have forgot to establish anyone in DC ever had movies

Basically they indicted evil angel productions Inc but the company stopped existing years before movies were made.

Prosecution failed to connect John stagliano to the movies in any way! Judge is deciding if he should remove defendants from case

I think John stagliano and evil angel productions Inc are about to be kicked by judged from case.

That would leave the only defendant as John stagliano inc.

All charges thrown out by judge. Prosecution failed to provide enough evidence to send anything to jury!

It is over! John stagliano is innocent and free!

All charges thrown out by judge for insufficient evidence!

Rule 29!

charges were thrown out because the prosecution failed on even basic things like proving a connection between evil angel and #stagliano

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