Jenna Jameson is rewriting her history again.


@jennajameson are you retired now? as far as starring roles?

@fings007 yes, I have been for about 9 years 🙂

Just in this past year alone, Jenna Jameson has told her Twitter followers that she has been retired from porn from four years to now nine years. She told Oprah Winfrey she’s been retired officially for two years. How can she be retired from porn for nine years when the company her husband started for her started eight years ago? I’ve wondered if it’s been eight or ten years ago that ClubJenna was started. But according to this ClubJenna press release, Jay Grdina started ClubJenna in 2002.

It’s Jenna trying to further herself away from the industry that made her famous & extremely wealthy. But she’s already done signings where she was claiming it was her first porn appearance since officially announcing her retirement two years ago. But she went to the Webmasters Access West on November 2008 which surprised many. So it wasn’t the first.

She was also on Twitter months ago asking Vivid’s Marci Hirsch if they could talk about her doing a calendar for Vivid. Why wouldn’t she be doing this calendar for “her company”, ClubJenna? Will she be nude in this calendar? Considering the way Jenna attacked Kendra Wilkinson three months ago for dancing fully clothed on stage during a concert, then how dare she ask a porn company if they would be interested in doing a calendar with her! Whether or not the calendar is nude or not, she would be working for a porn company. She condemned Kendra saying she is setting a bad example for her child by what she did. So according to Jenna’s skewed morality, wouldn’t shooting this calendar or receiving any paycheck from the porn industry make her that same irresponsible parent setting a bad example for her child??

You can never be retired from an industry you still receive a paycheck from.

@jennajameson BTW Are these TITO’s kids?

@Bop23 yes! Of course they are! We’ve been together for over 6 years

Jenna is also telling people on her Twitter that she and Tito Ortiz have been dating for six years. They’ve been dating for four years, not six. Why lie saying six years when it’s four years? Unless she’s admitting she was cheating on her husband Jay Grdina with Tito. How can she have been with Tito for six years when she married Jay seven years ago on June 2003?? I think it’s her way of trying to legitimize her relationship with Tito by making people believe she’s been with him longer than she’s been with her current husband Jay. She and Jay were married for three years until they separated four years ago. So according to her, she’s been with Tito twice as long as she was with Jay!

Jay sold ClubJenna on June 2006. Jenna’s publicist confirmed on August 2006 that Jenna and Dave Navarro were dating. Dave and his wife Carmen Electra had separated on July 2006. After Jenna went public admitting she and Dave were now dating, Carmen filed for divorce two days later. That same month Jenna started dating Tito after meeting him on Myspace. On December 2006, Jenna filed for divorce from Jay. And according to Howard Levine, Jenna abandoned ClubJenna after she got her paycheck from Playboy when ClubJenna was sold.

I don’t know why she plays these games when it makes her look like a fool. This also shows how little she thinks of her fans who believe all her lies by Jenna thinking they’re all stupid and can’t think for themselves and realize how much of what she says about herself is a lie.

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  1. frog says:

    This post is just a lotta bickering about nothing. Should have looked for redundancy in your writing. Repeat yourself several times. Stuff like a critique of this piece is by an experienced teacher pinpointing where you fucked up is where you would benefit from more formal training.

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