Why was Brian Pumper allowed to win an Urban X Award?


Ten months ago, Brian Pumper was let go from Evil Angel with Karen Stagliano citing “creative differences”. Mike South revealed on his blog that Brian was fired because he faked his STD tests. It seems Karen only released a statement after Mike wrote his story. You would think Karen and John of all people would inform the industry what happened before a website did.

Now what I want to know is why is Brian being rewarded with this award after what he did? Why hasn’t he been shunned and run out of the industry before the obvious happens one day? Does anyone care?? Or as people in this industry have told me about so many other things that have gone horribly bad, it’s only porn & no one cares.

You can read my previous post on this topic here.

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3 Responses to Why was Brian Pumper allowed to win an Urban X Award?

  1. brent says:

    I used to care about this industry and read the porn gossip websites every day. I used to think porners were cool, sexual outlaws having tons of fun and making money while doing it. My attitude has changed however. Most of the men in porn are trash and care little for performer safety. Most of the performers are misguided. In retrospect, I so wish I had never started a porn industry website and not devoted so much time to this industry.

  2. iwasthere says:

    Pumper is shunned by some in the industry, but as long as you’re not the commissioner of porn, he still gets to play, because some greedy person will distribute his product so they can make money. Porn does not attract people with the best of values.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Brent, you can still leave now. If you stay in it for too long, you’ll get jaded because you stayed for too long and didn’t leave before the hate started.

    The sexual outlaws were in the 70’s and 80’s. The ones who do porn now either do it for fame or the money.

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