“The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” is getting great reviews.

Dawn Schiller has written her first book “The Road Through Wonderland” which is being released by Medallion Press. The book details her five year physically & sexually abusive relationship with porn star John Holmes starting when she was 15 and he was 32. Her father had pretty much abandoned her and allowed John to take on a fatherly role after meeting John in the apartment complex that he managed. John’s wife Sharon Holmes was more of a mother to Dawn than her own mother ever was. Sharon had stayed married to John and living in the same home with him but they were living separate lives after she had learned he had started doing porn in the late 60’s.

The book is not about porn since John never allowed Dawn or his wife Sharon to be around it. But it does talk about the abuse she went through and what she was forced to do while with John after he had started doing drugs.

After John was arrested for his possible involvement in the ‘Wonderland Murders’, Dawn left the United States in fear and went to live with her father in Thailand. She returned seven years later where she had learned for the first time that John was dying of AIDS. Dawn and Sharon were reunited when she returned and they remained close friends throughout the years.

Dawn was portrayed by actress Kate Bosworth in the 2003 film “Wonderland”.

Dawn’s official website is Dawn-Schiller.com and there you can read a few of the book reviews that are already in.

Dawn’s book “The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” is now available at Amazon.com.

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17 Responses to “The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” is getting great reviews.

  1. Mydriasis says:

    Selecting these actors to write forewords. . Are there not more fitting people alive to do that? Eddie is still alive! Guess he wouldn’t be up for that. .

    Was the Wonderland movie any good?

  2. mr bengrim says:

    So she and his wife knew about the murders….and said nothing.

    The wife cooperated when the movie was made (Wonderland) and now the girlfriend speaks up with the book.

    Cant they be in trouble for holding out vital info that could have helped in the trial?

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Mydriasis, Eddie who? Eddie Nash?? He was a horrible person. Yes the movie was a real good movie. I’ve watched it several times.

    mr bengrim, they weren’t there at the scene and didn’t know who did what. John knew people in the police department and he got special treatment from the beginning. He had been an informant helping the LAPD against pornography. Dawn left the country after his arrest and Sharon soon divorced John. I haven’t read the book yet so I don’t know what information you’re talking about.

  4. mr bengrim says:

    Well, I saw the same Wonderland movie as you….and in it there is a scene of John Holmes covered in bloody clothes and his wife sets a bath for him and cleans him up; and in another scene, laurie is held up in a hotel room for a while and Holmes returns, falls asleep and wakes up talking about the murder.

    Just saying, to me that says that both women knew of the murders. Who knows? The movie was very good though.

  5. mr bengrim says:

    Also, I wonder what Misty Dawn thinks of the movie and if she gets along with either Laurie or his former wife?

  6. Jill Nelson says:

    Thanks, Darrah.

    I very much look forward to reading the book. 🙂

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    mr bengrim, Dawn was John’s girlfriend played by Kate Bosworth, not Laurie. Laurie was John’s second wife, Misty Dawn.

    I haven’t seen the movie in about three years but I don’t remember a scene where he and Dawn are in a hotel room and he tells her about the murders. Was this in any additional DVD scenes? I never saw those. Only the theater/cable version.

    And the bath tub scene, yes but would you want Sharon to risk her life because of what her husband did? A house full of people were already dead. John made her life hell for years and stole thousands from her. He then asks her to go into the witness protection program with him and Dawn and she said no. She probably thought the guilty will eventually be caught and put in prison. Her testimony might also not have been let into court because she’s the wife and can’t testify against her husband. He was also a major drug addict and lied about everything. So she would be risking her life and her family for a testimony that might not be allowed in and would have holes throughout the testimony because of how unreliable John was.

    Greg Diles died of a heart attack I believe in 1995. Eddie Nash was eventually sent to prison about ten years ago. He was sentenced to three years but only served a year. He claimed he had health problems and his lawyers argued he was too old and sick for a long prison sentence. So the police gave him that ridiculous deal just so they could have some closure in the case and the real villain finally behind bars.

    Laurie hated the movie and was very vocal about the movie, Dawn, and John’s first wife Sharon. She attacks anyone who paints John in a bad light because she still makes money off his name. John treated Laurie just as bad as he treated Dawn. He never touched Sharon because she threatened him with her Italian family. lol But I always saw Laurie as being jealous that a movie about John was made that had nothing to do with her. Yeah a movie about the women more known for being in John’s life than she ever was.

    She’s re-writes John’s history about what happened during those murders though they met years after those murders after he was released from prison when he returned to porn. She knows nothing about what happened then but claims John is this saint who did no wrong.

  8. Darrah Ford says:

    Me too Jill! 😀 It’s finally out and I hope it does well.

  9. Jill Nelson says:

    “Laurie hated the movie and was very vocal about the movie, Dawn, and John’s first wife Sharon. She attacks anyone who paints John in a bad light because she still makes money off his name. John treated Laurie just as bad as he treated Dawn. He never touched Sharon because she threatened him with her Italian family.”




    When Jennifer and I interviewed Laurie Holmes for our book, we explained to her that we would need to share the bad and ugly sides of John Holmes, in addition to the good. Naturally she is protective of John’s memory, and as difficult as it was for her to let go, she agreed to be interviewed for the bio on the condition that we “do John right”. She requested that we treat him fairly while knowing full well that we would not skirt away from any of the darker aspects of his life. Laurie flatly refused to accept any money for an interview. We believe that we honoured her wishes to the best of our abilities by presenting an unprecedented and well-balanced look at the ENTIRE life of John Holmes – we steered away from writing a sensational account.

    Contrary to popular belief, Laurie Holmes is well aware of all layers of her late husband. She is not stupid and fully acknowledges that John was “not a saint”. It is interesting that some people still view her as a gold digger – after getting to know her over the past three years, nothing could be further from the truth. If so inclined, she could have made far more money off of Holmes’ name if she had decided instead to feed the consumer need for rubber necking car-wrecks and she knows it.

    Laurie admitted when we interviewed her for our book that she has made many mistakes over the years. She is working very hard to create a good and decent life for herself today – with success. Currently she works in a full-time clinic as a drug and alcohol tester. I have a good deal of respect for her.

    It might surprise many that in spite of the darker tendencies of John Holmes that surfaced when fueled by drugs, Holmes was a loving step-father to Laurie’s son, who was only eight years old when John passed away. (His three godchildren also hold Holmes in high esteem.) Laurie was with John during a time when he was in the process of reclaiming his life and career — although life was far from perfect, she and her son continue to honour the good times they shared. John was the only father that Laurie’s son has ever known; he was a mentor to her child just as he was to the Amerson children.

    Although it is very sad and tragic that Dawn Schiller was on the receiving end of some of John’s worst years, he did not physically abuse Sharon or any of the other women in his personal life. (We spoke to plenty of people.) That certainly does not excuse his behaviour, but it is significant none the less. Despite her opposition to his eventual chosen vocation, according to Sharon Holmes, she and John were very happy during the first years of marriage and they continued to share a tight bond throughout their tumultuous years until things escalated wildly out of control.

    Interestingly, Sharon Holmes and Dawn Schiller both requested that Cass Paley treat Holmes respectfully when he directed the award winning documentary, WADD: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes.

    Thanks, Darrah.


  10. mr bengrim says:

    Darrah, thanks for clearing things up.

    For some reason I, like many others, are still curious about this story.

    I just thought both Sharon and Dawn could get in legal trouble for revealing any pertinent info now, rather than during the trial period.

    still, great info.

  11. Darrah Ford says:

    mr bengrim, there was an E! special I believe was the channel of the most shocking unsolved Hollywood cases and the Wonderland murders ranks on the list. It’s still being talked about with movies being made. And didn’t detective Tom Lange work all three cases: Manson killings, Wonderland, and O.J. Simpson? So yeah I’m still curious waiting for the next chapter whatever that might be.

    Jill, how is Bill Amerson doing? I haven’t heard much of him in years. Is he still alive? How are his kids? Is Bob Chinn doing well too? So many names I’ve forgotten about and wonder how they’re all doing now.

  12. Jill Nelson says:

    Hi Darrah,

    Jennifer last spoke with Bill Amerson to invite him to our book launch in August 2008. As far as I know, he is managing some strip clubs in the Los Angeles area, but I’m not sure if that is accurate information. He must be close to approaching 70 years of age.

    Sean and Denise Amerson are doing well (we never did get to talk to John’s other goddaughter – their sister, Shannon). We have had some contact with both of them since the bio was published and they are very supportive, which has been wonderful.

    Bob Chinn is officially retired and has moved out of the Los Angeles are. He is currently writing the “Johnny Wadd” series as novels and recently completed his first, “Flesh of the Lotus” (very good) that will likely be released the latter part of this year. He plans six in all and is presently working on “Blonde and Black Lace”. He is also involved in researching the history of his family heritage. Bob is a great guy.

    We also remain in touch with Julia St. Vincent and Joel Sussman (among a few others), and both are doing well. Joel was one of a group of artists featured in a private art show in Los Angeles this past winter. His photography work continues to be stellar.

    These are good folks.

  13. Darrah Ford says:

    I don’t remember much of anything about Bill for many years. I remember Denise LaFrance talking about meeting him and he took her to the wrong house that John had stayed in. Yeah Bob still occasionally appears at industry events but not Bill. Hope he’s doing well in his life.

  14. Crissy says:

    I have a couple questions if you dont mind. I was curious to know if John Holmes ever have any children? Are there any known relatives of the victims? What happened to Susan Launius? Thanks for all of the great info!

  15. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m sorry I’m replying late.

    No he never had children. His first wife Sharon said John was sterile.

    A few of the victims have children. They weren’t in the house at the time of the murders. I also believe I remember reading how they were upset that the Wonderland movie was being made and how their parents were depicted.

    Susan is still alive last I heard but has been in hiding most her life since what happened.

    You can ask on this blog by the writers of the John Holmes biography more questions if you like. They would know much more than I would.


  16. correctway says:

    It ‘s a tragic story . John was not flawless but compare to all the pedophiles who are active in the churches , he might be close to sainthood .

  17. correctway says:

    Is it true by the way ? What would you do for selling books ?

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