Savannah Gold was attacked in her London home; her throat was slashed.


26-year-old Savannah Gold was found in her South London home after 26-year-old Shohidul Islam had brutally attacked her. He had bashed her with a potted plant, strangled her with rope, and then slit her throat. Her neighbors heard her screaming and they found her naked in her home.

Savannah has been in the industry for over six years. I can’t find much on her right now as I just heard about this minutes ago. I did find this Myspace page set up by a fan but I can’t find any of her social networks yet.

Shohidul Islam is married with children. He had earlier robbed two bookies with a fake gun before showing up at Savannah’s home. He’s admitted to police that he went to her home with the intent to rob her. He later told police he was sorry.

He says he went to Savannah’s home to rob her but her neighbors found her naked. Did he rape her or was she already undressed before he broke into her home? Was he a fan of hers or did he just randomly pick her home? They say she’s also an escort. Was he a client of hers or he had no clue whose home he just broke into?

They say Savannah had put her U.S. porn career recently on hold to return home to Britain. Her attacker faces a a minimum of eight years in prison.

– via The Sun and

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6 Responses to Savannah Gold was attacked in her London home; her throat was slashed.

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  2. ObeseOne Kenobi says:

    Um, Darrah …. The Sun article I’ve seen on this doesn’t say she died.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Thanks so much! That’s what I get for writing anything this early in the morning.

  4. dr percy says:

    (fuck off already asshole and get that life you claim to have and stop spamming my blog.

    — Deleted by Darrah)

  5. redgoat says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    There’s a story out that Savannah died a few weeks ago that was tweeted by @kerrylouisexxx and how Natalie’s agents had emailed Kerry the news.

    Natalie hasn’t updated since November 24.

    Search her Twitter name @thenatalieheck and you’ll find what people are tweeting.!/search/realtime/%40thenatalieheck

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