Nikki Jayne retired a year ago.

Howard Levine tells AdultDVDTalk:

“She is no longer a Vivid girl. You can stop jumping for joy, she is retired, has been for about a year, and will not shoot anything with anyone.”

Nikki came into the industry three years ago and has about 20 titles to her name. She and Derek Hay broke off their engagement two years ago this August. Eight months later on April 2009 she wasn’t scheduled to appear at a single one of the parties Vivid had planned for their 25th anniversary. So she had slowly started to disappear after her engagement had been called of and didn’t attend many of the conventions & parties that had been planned throughout the year.

Many of us wish that companies would say something if a woman is no longer with them or if the woman herself would say she’s retiring. It would make it easier for everyone else to stop wondering what happened and where they went off to.

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6 Responses to Nikki Jayne retired a year ago.

  1. Heather Pink says:

    I was just wondering what happened to her.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    At least Meggan said she was taking time off. Others just vanish never to be seen again.

  3. Harvey Dent says:

    Well she left a some classic scenes in her evil angel movies.

  4. frog says:

    Harvey’s back!

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Yeah Harvey has been away from the blogs for a long time. He’s a man of mystery. Have you read some of his stories from his travels around the world? lol

  6. iwasthere says:

    That was a very conflicted girl.

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