Vivid releases all their contract girls.


Mike South had first reported the rumor that Vivid was letting go of all their contract girls. He also said Wicked was also letting go of their contract girls except for Jessica Drake and new contract girl Lupe Fuentes. The Vivid rumor has now been confirmed true.

The only active contract girls that Vivid had left were really Lia and A.J. Bailey. Savanna Samson hasn’t done much in a while and Sunny Leone works for other companies. They probably held on to Sunny for dear life because they didn’t have many women left. Nikki Jayne retired a year ago. The future of Vivid was Meggan Mallone but she didn’t renew her contract this past November. Meggan had started dating Vivid director B.Skow and that might have been her motivation to leave porn. Before deleting her social networks, she told everyone she was taking some time off but she didn’t say the reason why.

So the contract girls Vivid had left were Lia and A.J. Bailey. There was a lot of publicity around them both when they were first signed with them. But Vivid dropped the ball and never really promoted them the way they should have been promoted. The big mistake Vivid did with Lia was have her shoot her first film as an all girl film. Why hire solo-girl sensation Lia19 if you’re not going to have her do scenes with men? Both women were also not brought along to many of the shows and conventions. I don’t know if it’s the women being lazy and not wanting to go or if it was Vivid not paying their way. They’re your contract girls and you should pay their way the way you & Vivid staff are flown in when a convention or party is happening. If I ran a porn company, you better believe every contract girl I had would attend everything I tell them to attend. Why put out a new product and not have the women there promoting it for you? These women are also suppose to be the spokespeople for your company. Why give anyone a contract if you’re not going to have them promote your company?

Steve Hirsch is so consumed with these boring, lame “celebrity” sex tapes that many eventually pirate from the tube sites. Why make those women more famous and more wealthy? Why allow these women to make even more money and get even more fame AND allow them to play victim blaming an ex-boyfriend when it was them that brokered the entire deal? Why allow them to walk away with millions while blaming porn for all their problems? Why allow the rich kids to make even more money when real porn stars never see that kind of money? Why not invest the money in your own contract girls making them into stars instead of these “celebrities” that don’t even know how to have sex on camera?

Part of the blame also falls on the contract girls. You should invest in a good publicist that will help you take full advantage of all the opportunities that are out there that could make you a lot of money. If you don’t have the money yet to hire a publicist, then take control of your own careers and promote yourselves. Send out the press releases yourselves. Go to every party, event, and convention that you can. Promote yourselves everyday on social networks. And start a personal blog so your fans will get to know you better and know your schedule.

I never understood why anyone would get into the entertainment industry but do everything to not be famous. Try to make as much money as you can during the time you’re in this industry so you won’t be like many porn stars leaving with less money than they started out with. Many women leave porn in debt with nothing to show for all their work while in this industry. There’s one contract girl who didn’t get a Twitter until six months into her contract. A recent new contract girl still has not registered her name yet on any social networks. So not only are they not smart enough to do this themselves, but the companies that just hired them never advised them to do so.

Steve Hirsch’s statement about the rumor that they had let go of their contract girls was:

“For the last 26 yrs we have worked with the most beautiful and talented women in the adult business. We certainly will continue to do so. As always, when we find women who we feel are exceptional we will not hesitate to work with them on an exclusive basis.”

Well that didn’t answer anything. If you’re releasing a statement, then answer the freaking question!! Are there any contract girls left at Vivid or not?? Howard Levine finally admitted after someone had asked:

“Woody, am I understanding this official statement correctly that at this point Vivid has no girl under contract, nor is in negotiations with potential contract girls?”

Howard answered “Yes you are correct”. He still didn’t answer the question for whatever reason. It took many people asking the same question and he still didn’t answer it really. But Vivid released all their contract girls.

Howard later says Vivid is now free to work with the top talent in the industry like Tanner Mayes with no need in signing her to a contract. Well who exactly was stopping Vivid from working with Tanner or anyone else for that matter? They filmed their big budget feature “Throat: A Cautionary Tale” without a single Vivid girl. I could have seen Briana Banks in the Sasha Grey lead. But not a single contract girl was picked which did upset them. Steve had no faith in his own stars and wonders why many of them left on their own.

Howard says it’s very expensive to have contract girls. But then later says sales are way up from the year before. So they weren’t hurting for money and could easily afford to have contract girls. So why not renew their contracts? I’ve also been told by an industry insider who claims that Steve Hirsch recently made a $200 million dollar deal with Playboy. The person wouldn’t elaborate on what exactly the deal was. While many, including myself, are convinced that Steve no longer runs Vivid and how it’s just not the same company anymore making bad decision after bad decision. Every company changes as they grow but Vivid has dramatically changed even shocking many insiders with their decisions.

Vivid is known for their contract girls and started the whole contract girl trend. But now they’re downsizing in many areas when they clearly still have the money to expand. If Steve Hirsch could focus again instead of being distracted by non-celebrity sex tapes, the company could be back on track again without losing the key that made them stand out from the rest.

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9 Responses to Vivid releases all their contract girls.

  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you!

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  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Why is this story getting a Kayden pingback? Maybe to remind me I still haven’t written that Kayden story!!!

  6. Anon says:

    “Vivid releases all their contract girls.,” (DF), “WHAT´S A VIVID?,” at , and their filmography at , e.g. ARE VIVID REALLY RELEVANT IN AUGUST ´10?

    No, they´re NOT.

    Pornography companies in order of Relevance in August ´10, IMO:

    1. Free Porn Tube Sites
    2. Brazzers
    3. Digital Playground
    4. Hustler
    5. Evil Angel
    6. Private
    7. Adam&Eve
    8. Wicked
    9. New Sensations
    10. Vivid

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    Their Batman parody did very well and now they’re jumping on the parody thing too. So they’ll still be in the game for a while longer.

    Still haven’t written the Montana story. Lots of things to do at home this week and there’s so much new things on her coming out all the time.

  8. Anon says:

    DF, I know, and I have seen Axel Braun´s, and Vivid´s success with “SUPERMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY,” as well as their, set for release in September ´11, “STAR WARS XXX: A PORN PARODY” in 3D, but these two parody titles by Vivid, and Axel Braun, doesn´t make them #1, IMO.

    Vivid need a future film that goes BEYOND “Pirates,” i.e. the NEW QUINTESSENTIAL pornographic film, and with CLASSIC pornstars of today.

    Will Vivid do that? Time will TELL.

  9. Darrah Ford says:

    Did Vivid ever release their Greese musical yet? I heard about the auditions months ago but nothing yet as a release. That should be interesting.

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