Monica Mayhem is engaged, retires, and is moving back home to Australia.

I earlier saw this tweet on Apache Warrior’s Twitter page congratulating Monica on her engagement. I looked back on her twitter page and first found these tweets:

Wednesday, August 4:

Finally getting out of bed. So much to organize to move back to australia! Ahhhh.

@Ricky_Smooth for good! I haven’t quit the business, just not goin to be as easily available.

@robbyebentley yeah wud luv to catch up b4 I leave!

Don’t worry everyone. I hav a plan and all will be fine! I’ll still be tweeting updates and I haven’t left the biz entirely.

Been throwing out so much stuff all day! many files to go thru, so much furniture to sell. moving home is a biatch!

@j3photo Why are you leaving the states? >> lets just say, to live happily ever after!

Ok, wow, now i’m leaving for sydney 2morrow nite. only for about a week, gotta get back home to finish packing for the final move!

Enjoying my new life in bondi beach, beautiful ocean view apartment. I’ll be back in october for my book release and say goodbye 2 friends!

Now four hours ago, Monica confirms she’s officially retired:

Tks everyone, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m engaged and living in bondi beach in sydney. But still luv u all! Xo

I am officially retired from shooting porn, the only person I take my clothes off 4 now is my loving husband. Sorry dear fans thk u xox

Thk u so much all! Please come n meet me at my book launches around the world! Xo

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4 Responses to Monica Mayhem is engaged, retires, and is moving back home to Australia.

  1. iwasthere says:

    Good girl, sounds like a sugar daddy escape plan from porn.

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  3. Harvey Dent says:

    She still alive???

  4. booboo says:

    YAY!!! a happy ending to the book im really happy for monica its a hard business to get out of!

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