Nina Mercedez returns to performing after a two year break.

Nina Mercedez will be coming to Los Angeles to film new content for her website and she will also be shooting for a few select companies:

“I have made the decision to shoot boy/girl scenes with my partner Raymond Balboa for select companies for now,” Mercedez said. “I may work with other boys non-condom if a contract is presented with the right company, but for now all my boy/girl scenes with other male talent will stay exclusive to my website.”

“I took some time off starring in DVDs to really concentrate on our affiliate program and it is paying off,” she said. “I am so proud. We are building such a great network and I love working with such hot, sexy and easy going girls who are really excited about their sites. We really enjoy the opportunity to be creative and show the girls there is such a thing as an honest webmaster that will make you money and work hard for you.”

Nina was also recently named Latina Adult Performer of the Decade where she walked away with 42.8% of the votes.

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