A Cal/OSHA meeting being held this morning.

Cal/OSHA will hold a subcommittee meeting this morning to discuss regulations for bloodborne pathogen standards for adult industry productions. It’s the second of four meetings scheduled to discuss performer-safety standards for the adult industry. The next meeting will be held in the Bay Area in October.

The meeting will be held at the Caltrans building at 100 S. Main St. in downtown Los Angeles from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It is open to the public.

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6 Responses to A Cal/OSHA meeting being held this morning.

  1. comrade-elvis says:

    Good. I hope the industry requires mandatory condoms for all US produced porn. Its about performer safety. People will still be able to get bareback porn from Budapest and St. Petersburg if they don’t like seeing condoms and we will protect the US talent pool.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Many have already implied that porn will either leave California or leave the country if they’re forced to use condoms. So it’s either work without condoms in the U.S. and get STDs. Or work without condoms out of the country and get even worse STDs.

  3. comrade-elvis says:

    I don’t think that the STD situation would be even worse in Budapest than it is here. Hungary has a comprehensive national health system which provides free care to all comers so the Europeans typically have lower rates of STDs in society than the US which lacks similar universal care. They have had the big HIV scare in Prague in 2006, but LA has had its share of HIV scares as well. I found a report on Syphilis and Gonorrhea rates in Hungary online in case you want to compare rates. http://www.akademiai.com/content/t3220k52416h059g/fulltext.pdf

    Hypothetically speaking, STDS get into the porn pool when a newcummer enters the industry with a pre existing condition and passes it to an experienced performer who goes on to spread it on their next shoot. This is especially true of Chlamydia which males can carry but shows few outward symptoms on males.

    My guess is that a mandatory condom would split the US industry in two. Companies like Digital Playground and Wicked who produce Couples porn would remain in the US and shoot with condoms. Harder edged gonzo companies like Evil Angel would relocate overseas. Ethnic lines would be produced in Brazil and Thailand. The major Agents would arrange tours for US based performers in Europe so US talent could visit Budapest for a month and work. They would have a LA Direct House Budapest for the visiting performers to stay in just like they do in LA.

    The choice for US talent would be to make significantly less money by remaining in the US and working on the few Couples videos being produced stateside or to work overseas where the bulk of production will have moved.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    I read somewhere how in about five years, there would only be a handful of studios left and everyone else will be working for websites. More websites & porn star websites will be out there. The porn star probably wouldn’t own the website like many of them don’t own it now. But how performers would be shooting content for websites more so than the few remaining studios.

  5. killbill says:

    American performers will not be going oversees in any big numbers to shoot porn. Some established male performers sometimes regularly work overseas,,,,,,,there is no need for American girls in budapest on any large scale.
    And what makes the porn industry think that any other country or state is going to let them walk in and set up shop. then you have industry idiots who say they will to to Las Vegas and Mexico. What a joke. The state of nevada already requires condoms for sex workers,,,,yes, a limited amount of porn is done in Vegas,,,but the state government of Nevada is going ot allow the Southern california porn industry walk in and set up shop,,,,,the very idea is beyond ridiculous,,,,,,and move to mexico,,,,,,If you cant figure out why that is as ridiculous as well, then good luck.

    And one more thing about perfroers going overseas,,,,,most performers cant afford a weekend in Vegas, let alone go overseas to work. This idea too is beyond perposterous.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    If they went to a country that needed the added economy that the adult industry would bring, that country might allow them in.

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