One reason why Brian Pumper might be lying about not knowing who Laurence Fishburne was.


Two Weeks ago, Brian Pumper was a guest on the Stilts & DeVoe show where he talked about being the first one to work with Montana Fishburne. Brian describes meeting Montana and her “boyfriend” Jerome Green/J. Pipes for the first time and says she had a bruised eye. She had no agent with her, no manager, and no publicist. The only person with her was her boyfriend.

That alone would raise a flag that something is wrong here. Her father is an A-list Hollywood actor and very wealthy. If his daughter wanted to pursue a porn career, why wouldn’t she have a group of people around her already guiding her where she could make the most money possible? If Brian had made a few phone calls to her father’s representatives, he would have been told to get her off his set and he probably would have been financially rewarded for it too. But he didn’t call anyone and he’s now possibly feeling the wrath of the African-American Hollywood community for selling out one of their daughters.

Brian is also now trying to get into the music industry and be a rapper. Will anyone be helping him now? So he comes up with the lie that he had no idea who Laurence Fishburne was and had never heard of him before. Every black man in the entertainment industry knows who Laurence Fishburne is. Brian would have probably been paid if he had notified someone in her father’s camp. But he wanted the mainstream publicity instead. This is the most publicity he has ever gotten. This is now overshadowing Brian faking his STD tests a year ago.

Brian himself says he only paid Montana $75 for her first shoot with him. So Brian sold out Laurence Fishburne’s daughter for $75. I believe that’s even far below the porn industry’s “black rate”. He so desperately wants to get into the mainstream but just ruined any chance of doing so by selling out one of Hollywood’s daughters.

Picture Source: Carlton Jordan

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6 Responses to One reason why Brian Pumper might be lying about not knowing who Laurence Fishburne was.

  1. mikee says:

    Brian Pumber is the dumbest guy in porn. I think it may be very possible that he didnt know who Laurence Fishfurne is, he really is that dumb.

    Darah, do you know anyone with an AIM account,,,,they could check to see if she ever had a n std test done,,,,given Pumpers track record with std tests I would highly doubt it.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s flat out inconceivable that he didn’t know who Laurence Fishburne is. He’s been in all the Matrix movies and literally dozens of A-list films. That’s like not knowing who Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt is. The fact that she’s Laurence Fishburne’s daughter is the only reason Pumper is even fucking with her.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    It’s a BIG deal when any African-American actor/actress is nominated for an Oscar. Both Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett were both nominated for an Oscar for their lead roles in the film “What’s Love Got To Do With It ” in 1993. How dare he say he’s never heard of Laurence Fishburne. How insulting!!

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Sorry no I don’t know anyone Mikee.

  5. Nizwiz says:

    Sold out one of Hollywood’s daughters my left nut sac.

    She’s a hoe. don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.

    She got boned on camera for $75? I say Brian Pumper saved himself some money. Smart move. If Lawrence Fishbourne was a better dad his daughter wouldn’t be out hoeing,

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    Pumper is probably making a good turnout on that tape and you think paying her only $75 isn’t selling her out? He knew who she was and who her father is. Paying anyone only $75 is selling out any woman.

    She either ended up the way she did on the streets either from something going wrong in her family or it went wrong after meeting the boyfriend. Her father was supporting her until she moved in with that guy and her father was secretly paying her legal bills after she was arrested for beating a woman. He also tried giving Steven Hirsch a million dollars to not release the tape. So he’s obviously not that bad of a father. She was already working the streets at 18 because her boyfriend’s mother didn’t want her living there for free. A lot of the blame for what’s happened lies with the pimp’s family.

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