Britney Spears is better than you.

Britney Spears’ Facebook has images linking directly to hardcore porn. Myself and many porn stars have had their Facebook pages deleted all the time for no reason at all. Many porn stars have even had their personal Facebook profiles deleted as well. Any mention of porn or an association to porn, our pages have been deleted. But Britney Spears is allowed to keep her account after many pictures have lead to hardcore porn when many of her fans are children who visit her profile every day.

Yes I know Britney herself doesn’t run her page. I do remember seeing a picture of the woman who runs her Twitter page. I don’t know if this is the same woman running her Facebook also. But regardless, Britney Spears never had her account deleted when whoever is running it knows perfectly well that images are linking to hardcore porn. But the rest of us get our accounts deleted all the time.

There’s also how many of these celebrities have no idea what’s being done on their official pages. This is assuming that Britney has no clue what’s being done in this case. I don’t think she knows anything because she clearly doesn’t need the money if this was some sort of money-making scam. But doesn’t she check her official profiles, pages, and websites at least once a day/week to see what’s being done in her name?

Full story at Wired via AdultFYI:

It might seem like a lot to ask for Spears’ people to remove the offending “fan photos from Britney Spears” from her Facebook page. On the other hand, large media presences like her regularly hire social media experts and interns to handle monotonous tasks like accepting friend requests, and it’s easy enough for the regular user to un-tag themselves from unwanted photos.

Why can’t one of Spears’ people get on this? By our rough estimation, based on the fact that the 20th-most-recent photo in the section was added yesterday, it would only take about five minutes per day to keep Britney Spears’ page free of ads for escort services.

We don’t want to waste too much time on this, but it seems worth mentioning that the regularly-updated, Britney Spears-controlled official Facebook page, which presumably attracts lots of her young fan base is only a couple of clicks away from hardcore advertisements for erotic services

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2 Responses to Britney Spears is better than you.

  1. Chris says:

    I rather doubt she goes to her Facebook page ever. She’s been a little preoccupied the last couple of years to do much of anything. Having said that, she’s a super celebrity. Like it or not, celebs with her kind of fame do get treated differently. They do get away with more. That’s just life. Having also said that, it does reflect poorly on the company or individual in charge of running her FB page. If it’s a company I can tell you from experience that her people are paying that company a lot to manage her social profiles. It’s likely a single company that manages her FB, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    And this wasn’t a one time thing. It seems it was happening even after there were complaints. I think her father has a big role in who is around managing and helping. But yeah the company in charge of it that he hired fell asleep and failed in a big way. Kids go there everyday and they continued to let it happen.

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