Bree Olson lost 22 pounds.


Many had criticized Bree Olson on her weight though she looked great and was never “fat” as others had claimed. She looked healthy and not emaciated like many do when they go through extreme diets. It was confirmed this week that she’s now a free agent and no longer under contract with Adam & Eve.

Whenever you can’t come to an agreement in renewing a contract, it’s usually she wants more money and a bigger percentage of the residuals. But maybe Bree’s weight was part of the problem that lead to her leaving Adam & Eve. She’s now lost all this weight and the company wasn’t overjoyed doing everything now to keep her signed with them? So what happened before she left that might have lead to her leaving? With everything Bree does on camera more so than many of the other women out there, why wouldn’t they do everything they could to keep her especially now that she lost all this weight?

I just feel that there’s something more to this than just her wanting more money. Many also say Bree is crazy and so out of control basing much of their opinion on what she writes on her Twitter. She’s as crazy as the next person is. We’re all crazy. But you can’t paint an image of what she’s like off camera just from reading her Twitter that many, including myself, don’t believe to be true much of the time. She’s a porn star. Would you rather her write how she’s home alone knitting? You would never hear any criticism if a male porn star was on his Twitter talking about all the different women he claims to be having sex with every night.

From her Twitter:

August 30:

For everyone asking how much weight I’ve lost: I have lost 22 pounds. It’s vegan baby! It’s the way to go! 😉 wait until you see me on video

Picture Source: Tweet Photo

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6 Responses to Bree Olson lost 22 pounds.

  1. Chris says:

    I thought she looked great. It’s a shame she felt the need to lost 22 lbs. That’s a lot of fucking weight. I hope she doesn’t start looking all cracked out.

  2. Dick Wolf says:

    Chris, look at her. She already is.

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  4. Darrah Ford says:

    She already is? You’re joking? Look at her Tweet Photo account and all those pictures are candids, not airbrushed photoshoots. She’s looks great and very pretty and doesn’t look like she hates this industry yet.

    I hope she doesn’t lose anymore weight because just think how the camera adds ten pounds. So she’s even thinner than that. ^^ She doesn’t want to look like what Jenna Jameson looked like a couple of years ago and skin & bones and twice her age.

  5. Jenn says:

    I thought she looked great before. She was never big, just not bone thin. I bet her boobs are pretty much gone now.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    At least we know she was eating and nothing drastic.

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