Satine Phoenix: “My Father is a Child Molesting Pedophile.”

Full story on Satine’s blog via her Twitter:

I’ve been putting together an auto-blog-ography and as I’ve been doing this I’ve been trying to figure out how to communicate this one fact about my life in a sea of amazing and wondrous adventures. I don’t want to profit from this monstrous story but I do believe that people should know about him and people like him. There’s no way to romanticize this tale. It’s a simple fact. My father, Kevin Morgan Sorbello: Freemason, Shriner, IQ 180+, an upstanding citizen of Washington state, Officer in the Merchant Marines… Is a Child Molester. Sex Offender. Pedophile.

I haven’t really said anything before about this because I wanted to protect my family. Well, I did say something, but my mother told me to drop the charges when I was 12 because it would “Ruin our family”. When in reality it would have just ruined her gold digging dreams. I wanted so bad to not ruin our family. I wanted my parents to love me with every fiber of my being. I wanted to be a good girl. But isn’t that the parents job, to protect the family? When my mother was first suspicious about us ( when I was 8 ) wasn’t it her job to protect me from him? Instead she yelled at me and it became my fault then the incident suddenly was just ignored.

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7 Responses to Satine Phoenix: “My Father is a Child Molesting Pedophile.”

  1. frog says:

    Well, I did say something, but my mother told me to drop the charges when I was 12 because it would “Ruin our family”. When in reality it would have just ruined her gold digging dreams

    Sounds like she’s lying. How do you gold-dig via marriages if it’s not getting good terms on a divorce settlement?

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Jesus Frog. She spills her guts and you say she’s lying. Many women don’t want the divorce settlement because being married & the status that goes along with it is more important than a settlement. Think of political wives or many Hollywood wives. They’re only known as someone’s wife. That gets them the best tables at the finest restaurants without having to wait with everyone else. It gets them into all the exclusive parties that they could never get if divorced. They lose many of their friends & status in society if they get divorced. Being married means so much more than that divorce settlement. These women’s identities are wrapped around their husband’s lives.

    My aunt is like that. My drug addict cousin’s mother that I told you about. Never once cared that her husband was abusing the kids. Just as long as he didn’t leave her because being married & going to those local political parties was more important to her than her own children. It meant she was somebody and “important.” Now her daughter is a drug addict, has Hepatitis, has a child she doesn’t raise, and was out working the streets for months for drug money. She’s still married to that abuser because in her head, she’s a nobody if she doesn’t have him so she can brag to family & friends what a great fucking life she wants us to think she has.

  3. JoeKnows says:

    sounds like you have a great family. First the story about your biological father who left your mother now this… I’m glad YOU will never have children. 🙂

    PS: keep on crying about censorship on LIB. and delete comments here 😉

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    He didn’t leave her.

    Yes, an aunt, her husband, and their daughter symbolizes how my ENTIRE family is like. While your family belonged on a 60’s sitcom?

    I never repeatedly tell people I’m a freedom fighter and anti-censorship. I rarely delete comments, which I hate doing because it goes against what a blog is for.

    Because of the comments about my parents and the type of comment it is (which has been thrown in my face before), it only means you’re from XPT & a few select of who you could be. Come back again derailing a serious post again and you will be banned.

  5. therealjoeknow says:

    The above poster JoeKnows is not the same “JOEKNOWS” that regularly posts here. I know because I am the regulare JOEKNOWS who posts here. Just setting the record straight.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you. I’ll check IPs and run them through with others on my other blog. But they always come in with so many IPs that there probably won’t be a match.

  7. Shawn Rost says:

    Frog, Your comments are to be expected by someone with a handle called frog. (Unclean spirits)

    Her mother should have supported her, no matter what. Counseling. The father should face the consequences of his actions if for no other reason than to demonstrate any possible devotion to his daughter. There are other outlets for sexual acting out other than harming a child.

    The Bunny Ranch is a place of legal prostitution in Nevada. Let people who need to act out go there rather than harm a child.

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