Former adult industry writer Rodger Jacobs is now homeless.


The Las Vegas Sun has this article on former industry writer Rodger Jacobs. It’s part one in a series where they will document Rodger & his girlfriend Lela Michael after they lost their home and become homeless.

Throughout Rodger’s 20-year career, he’s been an award-winning feature documentary producer (“Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes”), a trade and arts magazine journalist, a successful playwright (“Go Irish: The Purgatory Diaries of Jason Miller”), a true crime author, and a literary event producer. And also for the past two years, he’s been a book and literature columnist for Pop Matters, a popular online journal of cultural criticism.

Rodger’s girlfriend Lela Michael is a freelance editor and has also had a hard time finding work. Both have now been forced to leave Rodger’s cousin’s home which they were renting in North Las Vegas.

Rodger has had medical problems for many years. He’s had severe psoriasis and advanced psoriatic arthropathy (arthritis) for eight years. He also sometimes has to use a wheelchair just to get from one room to another due to severe plaque psoriasis on his feet. He’s also plagued by hypertension, gout, GERD, perennial allergies, the early stages of COPD, and bipolar disorder. Lela is also not in the best physical condition herself.

In 2007, Rodger and Lela relocated to Las Vegas from San Francisco to care for his terminally ill mother. The recession hit making it even worse for Rodger and Lela to find work. In July 2008, Rodger lost one of his bank accounts due to the recession.

You can watch the first video with Rodger and Lela at the Las Vegas Sun or you can watch it here. Rodger also has his blog which he updates.

I first got to know about Rodger throughout the years on different forums having to do with John Holmes and the 2003 film “Wonderland.” I’ve also posted a link to his book ” Long Time Money and Lots of Cocaine” on both my blogs here and here from the very beginning. I had heard about Rodger’s medical problems before but I didn’t know how bad it was and how bad it had gotten.

I wish someone in the industry could give Rodger a writing job considering his long history here. But the only two porn sites I’ve seen this story mentioned in is AdultFYI, where I first saw the story, and LukeIsBack. Then I remembered the story of Brianna Karp, the homeless blogger who got a job as an intern at Elle Magazine. Her blog the Girl’s Guide to Homelessness is what got her the job. She’ll also be releasing her book one day and here she debuts her book’s cover for the first time. Maybe if Rodger keeps updating his blog, something similar can happen to him which can lead to future writing jobs.

I had also asked many times before as to why no one in this industry will give Al Goldstein a writing job and many have told me he pissed off a lot of industry people. Anyone who reads Al’s site knows what a great funny writer he is. I had contacted Al’s lawyer about a year ago asking what happened to Al, if he was okay, or was he still in the psych ward. I can’t say the extent of the conversation but in a nutshell, Al is fine but he doesn’t have access to a computer. But if sadists like Max Hardcore are hailed as martyrs who will be welcomed back with open arms when he gets out of prison, why can’t writers like Rodger and AL be given a job in the same industry?

You can read a story The Colonel just wrote about Rodger on LukeIsBack. Rodger’s blog is The Las Vegas Sun also has up this follow-up story about how horrible many of the people who commented on their original story were to Rodger and Lela blaming them for much of what’s happened to them.

If you care to contribute and help Rodger out, you can via PayPal at

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32 Responses to Former adult industry writer Rodger Jacobs is now homeless.

  1. frog says:

    Only thing I didn’t like about the story in the Vegas Sun was he didn’t say anything about being willing to do menial labor for money. He had this nice line in there:

    we have been hardworking people all of our lives, honest and forthright, passionate lovers of art and culture, but soon we may need to learn how to read books and study art under the glare of a streetlamp

    Instead, why don’t you study something that can make some money with?

    I’m sure he could make some argument about his disabilities not allowing him to do that, and they very well may be true. But, if he wants sympathy for being homeless, he needs to have some kind of anecdotes in there about how he’s tried to find work, other than just creative writing.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    His hands were shaking in the video and that’s from the arthritis and psoriasis. He probably can’t find regular work that wouldn’t involve using his hands.

  3. That’s correct, Darrah. I usually have one assignment a month for a health care magazine out of Philadelphia, which pays more than any “menial labor” job would but not enough to coverall of my living expenses.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    No one in this industry has contacted you for work?

  5. No, Darrah, not at all, though I would not care for any script assignments right now (not that scripts are actually needed anymore). I would take journo work through any of the trade mags (all of whom I’ve worked for, including Hustler, AVN, X Biz, and Swank) but so far no invites.

  6. iwasthere says:

    All of those publications have downsized considerably. Even Todd Hunter is no longer at Xbiz.

  7. I wrote for XBiz for 18 months from their very first issue; I think I penned 24 features overall. AVN I know is down to a skeletal staff but they stopped being a serious industry trade mag decades ago. Writing for Hustler is an editorial nightmare I would recommend to nobody, not even an enemy.

  8. no mercy says:

    Beggars cant be choosey.

    This is the porn industry,,,when was the last time they held out ahelping hand to anyone.
    And Mr, Jacobs,,,when was the last time you extended that helping hand to anyone in the porn industry?….That would be NEVER.


  9. Well, here’s just one example of how I extended a helping hand to someone in the industry, my profile of Eric Edwards when he was down and out from the expense of caner treatments; my article gave his case much wider exposure and led to more assistance on his behalf:

    I have also helped a number of performers who relocated to L.A. and needed help understanding California landlord/tenant law (which is less draconian than Nevada) … but if you are who I think you are, No Mercy, you would know these things already.

  10. Darrah Ford says:

    Sorry for the comments Rodger. It can get bad sometimes in porn site comments. Sometimes I’ve had to in the past close pregnancy, wedding, and HIV posts. It can get really bad.

  11. No sweat, Darrah, this is a lark compared to the Tea Party rally/lynch mob in the comments at the Las Vegas Sun. This reminds me of a salient quote I read in a feature at the New Yourk Times this morning; the story concerned a man who has been a street vendor of books for over a decade (he sells books from a folding table on the street two blocks south of Lincoln Center); over the last few years he has seen his own business decline as the Barnes and Noble two blocks away has been forced to close its doors. “Evidence,” he says, “of the decline of artistic and free thought in America.”

    Read the whole article (it’s not terribly long); I think you’ll find it enlightening and very relevant to my story:

  12. frog says:


    I usually have one assignment a month for a health care magazine out of Philadelphia, which pays more than any “menial labor” job would but not enough to coverall of my living expenses.

    I’m not sure if menial’s the right word, but I had to go out and do a job that was “beneath me” during this recession. I was making just into six figures, then started doing freelance software development, then the recession came which is never kind to freelancers. For eight months I ended up installing floors, ceilings, interior construction type work, and having to do the little freelance work I had at night or on weekends. I did that kind of work and I’m proud of it. I did what needed to be done without raising a fuss.


    No, Darrah, not at all, though I would not care for any script assignments right now

    See, this is what I’m talking about. I don’t understand not taking the attitude of doing whatever work you are able to do. If you don’t have enough to cover you’re living expenses, you don’t have enough to cover your living expenses. That doesn’t make sense? If you want to eat, you got to work.

    Maybe you don’t mean it like I’m interpreting it. But, most people who make good livings put a hell of a lot into their work. I do sympathize with you, you’re obviously going through a lot. But, if you want people to sympathize with you more, I think you should consider explaining the lengths you are willing to go to make enough money.

    Also, since I’m guessing you’ve got some free time and are obviously a talented writer, could you help Darrah with her writing? She used to be this wild, loony, hilarious bitch, but then she started getting a readership and as people will in the porn industry, they found stuff to attack her on and it got in her head. Now she’s trying to be more of a “serious journalist”, etc.. I think the thing is that after she gets comfortable with her writing skills, then she won’t have to think about it so much because they will just be there, and can go back to being more of her psychotic self again. I try to say stuff here and there, but Darrah is also stubborn. Like I’ll say something, she’ll flip me off, then six months later I’ll be reading her blog and she’s doing what I was talking about. You having obvious credentials, I imagine she’d listen to you more than I, as anyone should in this area.

    Learning to write I just don’t think is something you can entirely teach yourself. You don’t need to be indoctrinated on how to write at a university, but it just seems a little higher level thing where you need someone to show you at least a few times how what you did specifically doesn’t work and how to do it better. And no, from following Darrah’s blog, I’d be surprised if she has any decent amount of money to pay you.

  13. Let me explain a few things to you, Frog: First of all, trade magazine work is “menial work”: it involves reading reams of professional data and translating it into a meaningful article of approximately 1,200 words that only a small handful of professionals are going to understand. It involves absorbing highly technological language that you will never have a meaningful use for — yet, give me 10,000 words of medical studies on the latest breakthrough in prosthetic limbs and within 24 hours I can talk your ear off on the subject as if I invented the damn thing myself.

    As far as porn scripts go, I have a damn good reason for saying what I did: I wrote over 400 of the damn things. I’m played out. I have nothing else to say, no new inventive angles and the current market does not require story-driven product; if I can earn $600 this month writing a trade piece for a medical journal why would I want to turn that down so I can earn $350 for writing “The Milkman Cometh”? It’s one or the other — because of my health I can only work so many days in the month/week.

    As for your beef with Darrah, leave me out of it. I have enough on my plate, okay?

  14. no mercy says:

    Perhaps if you spent the time youre wasting on the internet looking up every comment on every site that has written something about you,,you might have some left over time to look for work.

    And your hilarious statemnt about not wanting to do porn scripts becuase youre “played out’ and have nothing original left, what a joke. Since when has there ever been anything original or creative in porn writing? Work is work jack, and to cry poverty while at the same time saying you would turn down the exact same type of work that you used to do is an insult to every single person who has ever been downon their luck and did what ever they had to to make ends meet.

    Just ink of some of the girls who get into porn,,,,,who do the disgusting theings theydo becuase they got a kid to care for. Youre looking for handouts, but only certain kids of handouts.

    Beggars cant be chooseres.

    Cry me a fucking river

  15. Pete says:

    Why can’t you write your trade article in addition to whatever other work comes in? From what you say, you write that monthly article in a day or less, leaving ample time for all sorts of other work you think is beneath you. It doesn’t help when you piss on every major employer in the business but wasting time on blogs won’t pay the bills either.

  16. Do me a favor: Google the term “severe advanced p;soriatic arthropathy” and then get back to me about how much work I am capable of doing. FYI, I am working on part two of my series for the LV Sun, which runs on 09/26 (yes, they pay me for that), Lela has picked up an editorial job, I meet with a potential new client on Friday, and I have a percentage stake in a new academic book release coming out in the next few weeks. Can you see why I don’t have time for a porn script?

  17. frog says:

    if I can earn $600 this month writing a trade piece for a medical journal why would I want to turn that down so I can earn $350 for writing “The Milkman Cometh”? It’s one or the other — because of my health I can only work so many days in the month/week.

    Alright, cool. That’s what I was wondering about. I don’t think you explored that angle of your story in part 1 of the LV Sun piece. We’re obviously coming from different angles, I actually kind of like the Tea Party. As much as the mainstream media wants to make it look like a circus to get their ratings up, all they’re for is fiscally responsibility, and our country has reached epic levels of debt, causing all the investment gurus I read to predict poor economic growth over the next ten years…

    But anyway, as a member of your Tea Party reading audience, we look at people getting help from the government and what ticks us off is people sitting on their ass all day watching a LCD television on the wall that’s bigger than any of my friends who’ve got money have, while their debts pile up. And, just don’t want to work because that whole system is just their to screw you anyway.

    But, since you’re not a part of that clique, I encourage you to explore what you’re willing to do to make money to pay your expenses and what you’re able to do in the next part of your LV Sun piece.

    That “not interested in scripts” wasn’t the only thing I picked up on, you made a few other comments in your piece that were like that. It’s fine, it just starts to look suspicious and funny when you don’t address what you are interested in and willing to do, despite the constaints offered by your health. Blah, blah, blah, I’m trying to hard to explain, but you get the idea. Maybe you figure we should have gotten that out of the name of your condition? Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I imagine many others were in the same boat considering the responses you’re saying you got.

    As for your beef with Darrah, leave me out of it. I have enough on my plate, okay?

    I’ve got no beef with Darrah. I’ve told her several times her blog is the only one I’ve followed for very long. It’s just that there are obvious shortcomings she’s probably sick of me telling her how to fix. I don’t really care, probably ultimately it’s all self-interest anyway. I just want an even more entertaining blog to read. And, my mind’s overactive anyway. So, I just start typing in whatever comes to mind, whether people like it or not. Despite Darrah’s shortcomings, I still find her entertaining.

  18. Duncan says:

    @Darrah “no mercy” is “JoeKnow”/”tonystarr99” from LIB. This is the same guy who is sending you “AIM insider informations” for over a year now. He has almost a dozen of nicks on your sites. (Anonymous, no monkey,…)

    @JoeKnow, little odd that you are accusing Roger to waste his time on the internet. 😉

    May YOU should try to get a job, because I don’t believe your 15k per month bs.

  19. frog says:

    Duncan, why have you posted comments on this one article with 3 different names?

  20. Duncan says:

    @frog404, I guess you’re refering to the light blue gravatar thingy. huh?
    Well, this just proves once again that you’re not the smartest kid on the block. 😉

    seems like you’re the only regular left here. carry on, son. 🙂

  21. frog says:

    Well, this just proves once again that you’re not the smartest kid on the block. 😉

    Once again? Do I know you? I’m hoping not.

  22. Darrah Ford says:

    The person who sends me stories on AIM is someone completely different.

  23. no mercy says:

    Duncan, I’m not broke begging for work. There’s a bit of difference, dont ya think
    And yes, I am joe,,,,but someone else has posted here as JOE and it wasnt me.
    I am not ‘tonystar99’

    Regarding anything that I have written on any site,,,,,,,Everything I write is true,,,,if you disagree with this please show me anything that is not correct. I have alot of detractors on these sites and its not becuase i tell lies, it is becuase I tell the truth. I have been personally attacked dozens of times,,,but no one ever atatcks the thruthfulness of what I say, becuase, as I have said before, there is one thing that the porn industryfears more than anything else, and that is the truth.

    Its the SAME thing everytime,,,attack the poster personally, instead of debating the issues that I bring up….same thing EVERYTIME,,,,

    Everytime the personal attacks start is just confirms that I must be hitting a nerve,,,the truth nerve,,and when peole get theri ‘truth nerve’ hit they come out with the personal attacks. Its as predictable as the sun setting in the west, and quite amusing too. You guys NEVER fail follow the SAME old tactic, as weak as it is.

  24. frog says:

    Everytime the personal attacks start is just confirms that I must be hitting a nerve,,,the truth nerve,,and when peole get theri ‘truth nerve’ hit they come out with the personal attacks.

    I got no idea what you’re talking about. No problem with you, but I’d never assume I have the moral high ground.

  25. no mercy says:

    What I was referring to was the fact that your post had NOTHING to do woth the subject being debated, but was about “who” posted the comment. This is a typical response that I have seen time and time again. Yes it is quite amusing, but it just gets old.
    Dunc, perhaps your post does not fit directly into this scenario, but its close. There have been people on several of these adult boards for about two years who are still trying to find out ‘Who” I am, and derail every thread i participate in with this line of distraction becuasethey do not like the facts that I talk about.

    As I have said many many times before,,,I dont want the focus to be on ‘who I am” I want the focus to be on the subject matter that is being discussed.

    early in this thread Mr. jacobs makes the inference that ‘he knows who I am” and that somehow detracts from the substance of what I say…….It is the weakest debate tactic ever, and it is all to common on these sites,,,,,,,Cant argue with the poster about what he says,,,so change the topic and question the identy of the poster,,,,,Like I said,,,when they do this I know I’m doing something right.

    If you read XPT Adult dvdtalk, LIB, and several others,,,I have been ‘accused’ of being about 15 different people in the industry, and none of them were even close to being right.

    I find this all very amusing, coming from the “ADULT” entertainment industry.

  26. duncan says:

    Duncan, I have never questioned who you are,,,as it has nothing to do with the subjects being debated. ANd as you can see,,,here on wordpress your commenter identity can be hijacked quite easily,,,,,,,for the record this post is from NO MERCY…(Just showing you how easy it is to impersonate someone)

  27. Darrah Ford says:

    Of for crying out loud. Okay, from now on, if anyone wants to comment, get a Gravatar account. Or just use the same email address (a real one). Get an account at Gravatar and even upload your own unique picture like I have mine with my angel. But mine comes with the blog. You can get a blog here too and set it to private or whatever just so to have the unique avatar instead of the generated avatars provided by WordPress. Then no one can impersonate you as long as you use the same email address when commenting here. There was another site that had these but for the life of me I can’t remember the name.


  28. frog says:

    Darrah, you’ve always been big on wanting people to start using their own avatars in the comments. But, I tell you, I really like the default ones on your blog. They have a zen aesthetic. And, it’s cool your custom avatar doesn’t break the aesthetic.

    Plus, the recurring avatars are a nice hint that people think they are being sneaky, but really look like an idiot. 🙂

  29. Darrah Ford says:

    You can upload the image of your default and upload it to your Gravatar account.

    I really would hate to start making everyone get an account in order to comment. I don’t comment on many sites because it’s like ugh, another account I have to register and save. I just want people to comment without OTHERS fucking it up for everyone.

  30. apples_are_oranges says:

    Max Hardcore is a true artistic genius.

  31. correctway says:

    Economics has been overwhelmed by Obama ‘s stimulus but the cause of Rodger ‘s losses is the Tea Party …

  32. correctway says:

    They might not find a rope small enough to hang his cock (it’s the way to go when you are a white pornographer ).

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