Trouble soon for LA Direct?

Opinion/Editorial reports that LA Direct Models announced today the opening of their new Miami office. They’re calling it Direct Models East. The new office is being run by Joe Max, from Blue Max Models. He’s the former long term manager of The Love Twins. also reports that trouble could be in the future for the company with new claims coming from someone who signed up with both LA Direct and TheLuxuryCompanion:

More Evidence of A Coming Bust On LA Direct
By MikeSouth
September 13th, 2010

I got this from someone who signed up with both LA Direct and TheLuxuryCompanion.

“If you have access to Adonia’s UTR area on TLC’s (The Luxury Companion) website, please do NOT contact her to rendezvous with me. A few days after speaking with her regarding TLC (which Adonia owns and operates) and LA Direct Models (whom she books for) I was contacted by LE. I was questioned about TLC and LA Direct Models, as both companies (I assume) are being investigated. I had not yet worked with either company and when my attorney arrived, I was released and not charged with any crime. I’ve asked her to remove my photos and bio, but I’ve heard I’m still listed on the UTR area of her site. Adonia is in denial and not taking this seriously…instead, she says LE is probably investigating me. Since I’ve never been questioned by LE prior to my brief association with Adonia, and they only brought up TLC and LA Direct Models, myself and my attorney dispute her unwarranted claim. So, friends, please…Be Smart and Play Safe!

Much Love,

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