Ira Levine was questioned by the FBI earlier this year.


It’s now being reported that Ira Levine and photographer Ken Marcus were both questioned by the FBI earlier this year. Ira is the President of the Board of Directors Of AIM Healthcare. He is also editor of Taboo magazine, which is owned by Larry Flynt. Ira is also married to Nina Hartley.

Five Missouri men are being charged with torturing & keeping as a sex slave a mentally disabled 24-year-old woman. 43-year-old Edward Bagley Sr. of Lebanon, Missouri lured a then 16-year-old runaway into his trailer promising her a better life away from the foster homes she had been raised in. The other four being accused are: Bradley Cook, 31, Dennis Henry, 50, Michael Stokes, 62, and James Noel, 44.

During a torture session on February 27, 2009, Bagley electrocuted and suffocated his victim until she suffered a heart attack and had to be taken to a hospital. As a result, the FBI launched an 18-month investigation which resulted in the five arrests this week.

A list of the abuse they performed on her throughout the years are: waterboarding, beating, whipping, flogging, performing abortions on her, choking, caning, skewering, drowning, mutilation, hanging, caging, shocking, stapling, sewing, sewing her urinary opening and vagina shut, nailing her labia and nipples to slabs of wood, and so much more. Court documents also reveal Bradley tattooed her neck with a bar code, put an “S” on her back to mark her as a sex slave, and put the Chinese symbol for sex slave on her ankle.

Ira Levine and Ken Marcus aren’t being accused of any crimes but they were questioned because of the Taboo magazine photoshoot that woman appeared in.

Ken is now trying to paint this entire crime in a completely different direction which makes me wonder what exactly did he see while he photographed the couple. Ira is the editor and I doubt he was there while the photoshoot & interview happened. So he can’t say what exactly happened during the photoshoot & interview and how the woman acted. While it seems to me Ken is trying to portray Edward Bagley Sr. as some sort of a saint:

“They actually seemed to be quite a lovely couple … if anything he was going out of his way to make sure she was as happy as possible. I was very shocked to see the government had any issue with them at all.”

“They say she was of diminished mental capacity, we never saw that whatsoever. She seemed to be bright, intelligent and in control, able to say ‘yes’ and ‘no,'”

Why not just say this is horrible and you will cooperate fully with authorities? What would possess you to make such statements that could help set these five men free? The authorities aren’t after you and you wouldn’t have been charged with anything. So why try to paint this woman as a liar in an attempt to make yourself look innocent? Did you ever think she had to portray herself as in control in order to survive? After years of being abused by him, she probably knew how to act in public so not to give away what was really happening behind closed doors. Your own words make you look like a fucking scumbag and another reason why so many hate this industry.

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