Bob Chinn writes his first novel.

Legendary adult film director Bob Chinn has written his first novel, “Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel”, which is set to be released by BearManor Fiction by the end of the year. He will write six books based on the Johnny Wadd series, which he directed starring John Holmes. Full story & excerpts from the book at

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4 Responses to Bob Chinn writes his first novel.

  1. mr bengrim says:

    Bob Chinn should have at least three or four books that would sell like crazy. What the heck is he waiting for.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Maybe he tried but could never get a publisher until now. Detectives Tom Lange (O.J. Simpson case) and Robert Souza have never been able to publish their book on John Holmes & the Wonderland murders. Or maybe he never thought about writing one until now.

  3. mr bengrim says:

    I bet Bob Chinn has plenty of stories from the 70’s world of porn….im sure he hobnobbed with all of them – Holmes, marilyn Chambers, seka, especially in the 80’s as well…

    I just think he can make a bundle on any number of book ideas about his career.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    I’m sure he has plenty on mainstream Hollywood too.

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