New details as to how Janine Lindemulder’s daughter is being treated while away from her mother.


On September 16, Janine’s attorney filed a motion in court asking for a modification in the visitation she has with her daughter Sunny. Janine says her relationship with her daughter has become estranged since Jesse was allowed to move her away to Texas with him. She hasn’t spoken with her in 17 days. Janine also says her daughter has made extremely disturbing & inappropriate comments about her. She also adds how Jesse & members of his family have turned her daughter against her.

Even before her move to Texas with her father, Sunny was distant, confrontational, disrespectful, and accusatory towards her mother. Some of the insults Sunny has thrown at her mother are she’s a bad person, she shows her boobs, should get a life, and find a real job.

One ugly moment was just before Jesse had moved to Texas, Janine had dropped Sunny off at his home where she had to quickly use the bathroom. Jesse got so upset by this that he grabbed Sunny’s arm and literally dragged the crying child into the house where he kept on screaming “I don’t want her in our house.” Janine said this happened in front of his neighbors and his two oldest children.

Now many will claim once again how Janine is lying. But she wouldn’t be making statements that his neighbors were witnesses to this if it wasn’t true. They could very easily tell the authorities a different story. This is the same person who cried during a television interview claiming how his own father allegedly abused him breaking his arm when he was 7-years-old. But here’s Jesse now grabbing his six-year-old daughter by the arm and dragging her throughout the house all because her mother had to use the bathroom in his home.

What does Janine having to go to the bathroom have to do with her daughter for Jesse to treat a child like this? If he’s doing this in front of his neighbors, what’s going on behind closed doors?

Sandra Bullock was also mentioned in Thursday’s court filing. Janine says her daughter had called her a liar and added:

“Sandy said you lied to the police and that’s why you went to jail.”

Now this I believe to be 100% accurate considering that Sunny’s own pre-kindergarten school teacher had previously testified in court that Sandra made this statement in front of Sunny:

“Quite frankly, I’m glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else’s life.”

Because Jesse is too busy now running around with his new girlfriend and doesn’t seem to have the time to attend court hearings fighting for his own child, a court response filed by his lawyer the NEXT day disputes Janine’s claims:

In a court response filed by his lawyer on Friday, James disputes his ex’s claims. “I have no interfered with [Lindemulder] calling Sunny and have not interfered with Sunny making calls to her mother,” he writes, adding that she often calls at “inappropriate times.” Lindemulder, James says, has repeatedly called Sunny’s school “very distraught” demanding to speak with her daughter.

Another rebuttal: James claims that the last time the mother and daughter spoke, Lindemulder “told Sunny that she no longer wanted to be her mother and would not be seeing her or calling her again.”

His ex-wife’s conduct, James charges, suggests “she is not stable and acts impulsively and contradictory…[she] sounds …as if she is drinking or taking drugs again.”

Funny how when Jesse claims Janine is repeatedly calling Sunny’s school, he has no proof of these claims. Unlike Janine’s proof when her daughter’s school teacher testified in court as to what Sandra Bullock said in front of he & Sunny.

Of course Janine doesn’t want to be Sunny’s mother anymore. Losing her freedom in an orchestrated scheme that sent her to prison meant nothing to her. It was all in good fun. Having her family be split apart, spending years in and out of courts & prison, and suffering a stroke last Christmas possibly due from all the stress inflicted on her for years was all part of Janine’s master plan. Being ridiculed by the press and blamed for anything that goes wrong in Sandra Bullock’s life was what Janine had planned THIS ENTIRE TIME!!!!!

Janine has been repeatedly tested for drugs throughout these years because of this case and has tested clean each time. Jesse & Sandra should have been the ones tested after each drug claim they threw at Janine. If you want someone tested, then you should be tested as well. Especially when you have your own prior drinking problems.

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7 Responses to New details as to how Janine Lindemulder’s daughter is being treated while away from her mother.

  1. frog says:

    Darrah, man, this piece you wrote don’t look so great for Janine. I’d buy thinking Jesse is giving her the hatchet job, but the school too? Even if Jesse walked in there and said, don’t call Janine back! They’d call her back anyway. My guess is she really is driving that school crazy and so they’re just ignoring her.

    Not that I’d blame her for going psycho, she just lost her kid.

    Janine probably had to “go to the bathroom” because she wanted to see what Jesse’s house looked like from the inside. You know a mom’d want to see that. I bet she was being a little conniving, but she did it well, “I have to go to the bathroom”, lol. Jesse over-reacted.

    And, the end of Jesse’s list as to what he’s ranting about Janine, he’s just lining up every argument he can think of. I’ve made that mistake before trying to fight something, but I’m younger than Jesse and don’t have the plethora of advisers he has in his legal case. That was just dumb. As I was dumb when I did that.

    Some of the insults Sunny has thrown at her mother are she’s a bad person, she shows her boobs, should get a life, and find a real job.

    This is troubling for Janine. I see the argument that, “hey, this is all true, what are we supposed to tell the kid?”. But, isn’t Sunny under 10 years of age? I have more sympathy with the argument that Sunny shouldn’t be exposed to it, but encourage to understand her mother instead.

    The “shows her boobs”, etc. sounds like Sandra in the kid’s head and how she started this whole tragedy. Sounds like a Hollywood star who thinks everything can be perfect, and it really disgusts her that Janine is raising Sunny who she loves. Without having even met Janine and before she became aware of what a cretin Jesse is. But, in Sandra’s mind, whore = evil, so nothing Jesse can do could be so bad.

    I’d rather have Sunny in a loving home where the parent isn’t prone to abandoning her children, only to go get them back because their spouse starts fussing and whining about it. Jesse could care less. Sunny will have all the luxuries and opportunities with him, but she’ll be neglected.

    Janine’s got to get stable though. There’s got to be some truth to Jesse’s allegations that Janine’s having problems in her head (and why she’s driving the school crazy). She’s been through way too much. You’d say Jesse’s been through a lot with the custody battle and losing Sandra, but Jesse doesn’t care. He had a team of lawyers helping him with the custody battle and he’s already got a new girlfriend. So, hard to believe he’s as devastated over Sandra as he claims in an interview on TV I saw him do.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Sandra has a lot of influence in that area. She owns many businesses and homes there which means lots of tax dollars are brought in. To the school, all they might think is that Janine is a porn star, “drug addict”, and “felon”. So because Jesse has physical custody, they might side with him and do what he AND Sandra tell them to do. They also said she called the police because she couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the house or school and didn’t know where her daughter was.

    Janine probably had to “go to the bathroom” because she wanted to see what Jesse’s house looked like from the inside. You know a mom’d want to see that.

    Of course, it’s natural instinct. Any mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or whoever is dropping off a child to a home they’ve never seen the inside of, of course they would want to go inside and at least look at the child’s bedroom. If Jesse was a human being, he would have invited Janine into the home a long time ago.

    But, in Sandra’s mind, whore = evil, so nothing Jesse can do could be so bad.

    Sandra was with Jesse when he was still married to Janine & eight months pregnant. Whose the whore?

    He settled out of court on sexual assault while married to Sandra. SOMEHOW the press never reported this while they were married. This was also his second time settling out of court on sexual assault. SOMEHOW the press never reported this while they were married. Both Jesse & Sandra are the evil ones.

  3. momn8rx says:

    Who can blame Janine for calling the school and police for a wellness check on her daughter after 17 days of being unable to reach her? I would do exactly the same thing if in her shoes.

    Per Janine’s need for stability; it’s difficult to secure footing when the rug’s being constantly yanked out from beneath her. She’s taken responsibility for the IRS problems/prison and even the family court judge noted her efforts through granting joint custody of her daughter. Though the father retained physical custody, he has NO RIGHT to use the girl as a pawn and keep mother and daughter separated.

    Trying to contact her child, seeking family therapy with the child and co-parent, and speaking out about parental alienation does not make Janine a nut. She’s a mom desperately missing her daughter and doing her best to jump through hoops/climb obstacles to reach her.

    Further, parents needn’t like one another but talking poorly about the other to a child is dirty pool, plain and simple. How can one teach a child “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” if not living the lesson? The same applies to truthful explanation of the mother’s incarceration; if unable to avoid spewing verbal vomit, seek professional help to articulate it in a civil manner.

  4. Jonlyn Jeter says:

    My name is Jonlyn Jeter. I am the mother of Janine Lindemulder and the grandmother of Sunny Lee. Darrah is telling the truth here, people. Jesse completely ignores the court ruling. He won’t let Janine speak with Sunny; he doesn’t return messages or emails. Yes, the school is unwilling to speak with Janine; they refuse to let Janine speak with Sunny regardless of the letters from her lawyer. Money can buy anything; the harrassment of Janine, the infliction of physical harm, hackers to wreck her computer, bullying, lying, false allegations. He’s bought it all. Janine, her sister, their 3 kids, my mother, and I all moved to Oregon to escape California and Jesse. His words on this? “Good, the further the better. I want nothing to do with you or that baby.” We all lived a serene existence in Oregon for 3 years; we worked, we had our own homes, dogs, cats, good times. No word from Jesse and Sandra for 3 years. Then the shit hit the fan. They have lied and lied and lied. Janine has spent over $100,000.00 on legal defense. That would’ve been a nice chunk for the IRS. Her crime is a misdemeanor. Usually the IRS slaps a lien on your house and bank account; they want you to pay. But Janine was hounded by the IRS at the insistence of Jesse. He was on a first name basis with the prosecutor, her probation officers. Why? To usurp her rights and as a shortcut to obtaining custody of Sunny. Doubt it all you want. I was there; I’m still there with Janine. I know the truth, the real truth. Not the convoluted mess Jesse, his sister, and his lawyer call the truth. I held that baby in my arms every day for the first three years of her life. I cut the cord. I was there. Ane the truth will one day be known. LOVE WINS.

  5. momn8rx says:

    Darrah’s been one of Janine’s biggest supporters and always presented her side when others ignored it. She shows her as an actual, loving mother and human being, NOT just another salacious element in Jesse’s media madness.

    I hate that you all are living this hell and greatly respect your daughter and her fight for her child. An inspiring example of the apple not falling far from the tree is evident in your words and I hope your family soon regains the happiness found in Oregon.

  6. TravisW says:

    Good luck and GOD bless Janine and her family .

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you Jonlyn for the comment! I just keep on thinking that it will get better soon. Anyone else would have been put in jail while the other parent would get sole custody. It happens every single day. But Jesse & Sandra have money while the judge rather see Sunny be raised by nannies.

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