Charley Chase blind item

Charley doesn’t name the celebrity she had sex with but she’s been a fan of his since she was a little girl. He’s also a household name. It’s good she doesn’t name him because he and other celebrities will then stay clear of her if she’s known to kiss & tell. Don’t be like certain people in this industry who reveal names. You might get a bit of publicity but it will go away. Then what do you have left? Celebrities won’t be contacting you anymore.


Sleeping With Celebrities

I never have been a star struck kind of girl until the other day. Some how I got the opportunity to sleep with some one who I have known of and been a fan of since I was a little girl. I mean this guy is practically a legend and a regular house hold name. At first it was like yeah… I am gonna bang some famous guy, but as the time got closer and closer for me to head over there, it really hit me how cool this was.

I am not going to lie, I was a lil nervous! I was thinking to myself, I hope he likes me, I hope I do it the way he likes it, I hope this all works out… and sure enough it all went very well, he loved it and is still a fan of mine too. It is weird to think some one I have been a fan of for so long, is a fan of mine too.. TRIPPY! Well any way, I cant say that I feel like a different girl now, but it definitely makes me feel a tad bit excited about the possibility is always there to do it gain.

I guess the weirdest part of it all is the fact that I have the guys # in my phone. Every time I scroll past the name, the fact that I banged him makes me giggle. Sleeping with a celebrity is funny because in the “sex” world, they are just normal civilians really. I put moves on this guy that he had no idea existed and a blow job that just put his ass to sleep. I literally mean I put him to sleep… He busted a huge nut into my throat and then rolled over and gave out this huge moan.

I started the shower and got him in, washed him off, got his robe for him and led him back into his room. It was so funny to see such a big tall man crawl into bed! His head hit his pillow and i puled the covers over him. Before I even had the chance to put all of my cloths on, he was snoring. I literally put his famous ass to sleep! Now, I will never kiss and tell…. But I guarantee you know and love this man too!

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2 Responses to Charley Chase blind item

  1. JayRock says:

    Charlie Sheen bangs all the porn chics. What else is new?

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I got the impression the guy is actually older. But also, as much of a freak as he is, I don’t see him falling asleep in the middle of it all.

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