I won’t be posting press releases on this blog anymore.

I’ve decided it’s best to just leave this new blog just for stories & what I write. While my first blog will be for press releases. I had been linking back to my first blog in daily press release posts from here. But I think it’s best to just keep the two blogs separate. Just click the page above ^^ titled Porn Star Babylon everyday which will lead you to my first blog.

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9 Responses to I won’t be posting press releases on this blog anymore.

  1. frog says:

    I kind of liked the press release summaries. But maybe you’re just trying to drive more traffic to the other blog?

  2. fapjunkie says:

    I liked the summaries too.

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Summaries? You mean the titles? The first blog gives a brief summary and also a preview picture. I just thought the 20+ link posts here looked messy and out of place.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Forgot to say how I get far less traffic here than my first blog. I get thousands a day there while very low hundreds here. So it’s not to drive traffic there. Less than a handful of sites linked back to me on their blogrolls even though I have a sticky post there saying to change the blog urls.

  5. fapjunkie says:

    I read most of the stories on here and few of the releases. I like your commentary here, especially when u rip into people like Jenna J. and Lupe.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you! I also have a new Lupe story coming soon pointing out how old she really is. 😀

  7. frog says:

    Darrah: “I just thought the 20+ link posts here looked messy and out of place.”

    Those summary posts were probably the only classy thing you ever did with press releases. You’re fascination with them used to irritate the hell out of me. When you finally started doing the summary posts, I was finally like, “okay this is neat.”. They were easily accessible, but still out of the way.

  8. ebasesoj says:

    Have you ever wondered wHy thIs
    Industy doesnt put out
    Very many interising press releases????

    wHo wIll be tHe Very fIrst to break tHIs Story?????

  9. Darrah Ford says:

    I got a new press release from someone the other week I never knew of and it was filled with typos and I ended up going back and fixing it all. It would have been embarrassing if I left it as is with three typos in the title alone.

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