Paul Thomas has arrived on Twitter.

There are a few porn industry Twitter pages I read on a daily basis. I try to read everyone’s page as much as I can but there are a handful that are a daily must, for the shits & giggles. Paul only has 25 tweets up but it’s turning out to be a must read and a true gem. Some of the highlight’s from his Twitter:

People keep talking about @SashaGrey on #Entourage. Maybe she can help legitimize that smut.

Back in the 70s, male performers didn’t have Viagra. They had coke… and about 30 minutes before paranoia and / or limp dick kicked in.

If they want #DancingWithTheStars to be interesting, use a porn star. The only dance partner she needs is a pole.

Raise your hand if you’ve been in an orgy with John Holmes and three ladies.

When did #pervert become a dirty word? Can we embrace it / alter the meaning like the queer community did with fag? I’m a proud pervert!

@StevieJ102 – If I find you hiding under your desk balled up in the fetal position, I’ll know you’ve been visiting this page too often.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you being a fluffer is not a viable career ambition. Bring back the fluffers!

@JayLouis – I would but I’m too afraid of a court order from the Vatican. They take all the fun out of a Jesus Christ Superstar porn parody.

My publicist says Twitter makes me more exposed to the public. I used to have sex on camera! How much more exposed can I be?

3D porn? In my day they called that sex.

Since it’s trendy to go green, from here on out, I vow to recycle my wood from one girl to another.

Does being stoned on a plane count towards the renewal of one’s mile high club membership?

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