You would think for a multi-billion dollar industry, there would be more to write about.

The other week, Tod Hunter, at, and I were having a conversation on Twitter about the lack of stories in the industry to write about. By conversation, I mean I did all my usual rambling while Tod only made two tweets. By stories, I mean scandal, dirt, and gossip. You heartless bastards keep it all to yourselves!!

You’re a part of Hollywood but you do everything possible to keep your lives a secret. The biggest nobodies in Hollywood get more publicity & attention than the biggest names in this industry. Study them, watch them, and learn from them if you want to make the most of your time in this industry.

There is still a certain contract girl with no social networks that I can find. She & the company don’t have the sense to have gotten her name signed up before the announcement that she’s their new contract girl. No one knows who she is even with the recent release of her debut movie. She’s not even appearing with the company’s other contract girls at their recent appearances. I’m not even in this industry and have no background in advertising. But I look around in amazement at all the lost opportunities that so many porn stars have. Many of you don’t stay in the industry for that long a time. So you should take advantage of every opportunity. Make as much money as you can now so you’ll have something to show for all your work when you leave here.

Tod Hunter: I’m beginning to think I’m not writing about porn enough. I saw Nina Hartley last night, that oughta count for something…

Me: If only there were enough stories out there to write & talk about in porn. But many there as you know keep many things private.

This isn’t mainstream Hollywood where a celeb AND their publicist leaks stories to the press to gossip about.

Then there are the people who tell me things but then say not to tell anyone. *bangs head*

Tod Hunter: TELL me about it. I have a GREAT story from a set that I’ll be able to use sooner or later.

Me: Sometimes it can go for weeks without anything interesting here to write about.

You would think for a multi-billion dollar industry, that there would be more to write about.

And with Hollywood, they feed the mainstream celebrity blogs a lot of information and pictures. Why not in porn too???

Almost put out a plea for content like personal blogs & tweets. But declined fearing I would have to post everything sent in.

I don’t want to be rude and decline telling them it’s not interesting enough.

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9 Responses to You would think for a multi-billion dollar industry, there would be more to write about.

  1. Tel Aviv expat says:

    This is what happens when an industry is in decline/contracting. An industry that is filled with exploitation, dishonesty, and vicious racism. Which are some the reasons that most fans dont give a shit about the porn industry, and download it for free. Why in the world anyone would pay their hard-earned dollar to those types of people is beyond me. Better to watch such industry vanish, and buy your porn elsewhere.

  2. Nobody says:

    I don’t know wether this counts as gossip, but here is a recent blog from charley chase:


    I never have been a star struck kind of girl until the other day. Some how I got the opportunity to sleep with some one who I have known of and been a fan of since I was a little girl. I mean this guy is practically a legend and a regular house hold name. At first it was like yeah… I am gonna bang some famous guy, but as the time got closer and closer for me to head over there, it really hit me how cool this was. I am not going to lie, I was a lil nervous! I was thinking to myself, I hope he likes me, I hope I do it the way he likes it, I hope this all works out… and sure enough it all went very well, he loved it and is still a fan of mine too. It is weird to think some one I have been a fan of for so long, is a fan of mine too.. TRIPPY! Well any way, I cant say that I feel like a different girl now, but it definitely makes me feel a tad bit excited about the possibility is always there to do it gain. I guess the weirdest part of it all is the fact that I have the guys # in my phone. Every time I scroll past the name, the fact that I banged him makes me giggle. Sleeping with a celebrity is funny because in the “sex” world, they are just normal civilians really. I put moves on this guy that he had no idea existed and a blow job that just put his ass to sleep. I literally mean I put him to sleep… He busted a huge nut into my throat and then rolled over and gave out this huge moan. I started the shower and got him in, washed him off, got his robe for him and led him back into his room. It was so funny to see such a big tall man crawl into bed! His head hit his pillow and i puled the covers over him. Before I even had the chance to put all of my cloths on, he was snoring. I literally put his famous ass to sleep! Now, I will never kiss and tell…. But I guarantee you know and love this man too!

    And here is a recent tweet from her:

    Kiss kiss to the most awesome man Ive met n la.. Steve O t… U way super rock. Thanks 4 letting us hang. Ur grl way rocks too. Night u 2. ! zaterdag 25 september 2010 11:16:28 via Twitter for Android

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    Which are some the reasons that most fans dont give a shit about the porn industry, and download it for free.

    Tel Aviv expat, the porn stars don’t run the industry. They’re the ones losing out on making money while the company owners, directors, and producers are usually very well off financially. Not all of course but many. Many also said the same thing about the music industry. They don’t want to make the executives richer. But it’s the singers, songwriters, musicians, and everyone else that works on putting together an album that loses out financially.

    Thank you Nobody! That’s a great story, well written, and I can also make it a blind item too. It’s good that she doesn’t name him too. When you posted the Steve O tweet, I thought is that who she’s talking about? He’s been around for over ten years starting when she was about 12. But he’s not a legend though. So it’s not him. lol

    I made a new blog post for it:

  4. Tel Aviv expat says:

    And Darrah, I agree that it is not necessarily the pornstars fault. But they often aide and abet the unscrupulous directors and producers, by their tacit silence. Writers like yourself, could very easily be given useful information. Even in the super-secret world of the military, whistle-blowers are very valuable to the military. In porn, just the opposite happens. Therefore, the pornstar gets no pity from me. Quite the opposite, it is her who has to suffer the humiliating abuse at the hands of the selfish directors. She refuses to speak up, even on background, then I have no sympathy for her plight, one that she apparently accepts. Her silence is often evident, even “after’ she leaves the pornworld. No maam, I have absolutely no sympathy for the plight of the destruction of American porn. It has chewed up and spit out thousands of young women, most of whom, will never speak out. And thereby letting other young women suffer the same fate they once did!

  5. no mercy says:

    Well said Tel Aviv.

  6. mr bengrim says:

    Well, here are a couple of story ideas.

    Devon – petite blond porn star, troubled throughout her career in terms of contract disputes and even said she had a bad experence with a guy porn star who is now serving jail time in the pacific northwest. Devon is now officially retired (?) and is a cam girl on During the early portion of her career she was being looked at as being the next big star in porn, even bigger than Jenna. Well, we know how that went.

    Paul Thomas – talk to him about this latest career move. He is making movies again. Im sure you can make a movie out of an interview with him.

    Chasey Lain – Chasey is now at the Bunny ranch. If you could an interview with her, that would be interesting to hear.

  7. Anon says:


    I agree in Ms. Benz´tweet, as well as, today, there´s a further 24/7/365 MAINSTREAMIZATION of the adult film industry, and of adult film stars.

    2. Nikki Benz, Lisa Ann, and NYCs Finest!!!


  8. Darrah Ford says:

    Tel Aviv expat, you can’t blame a porn star’s silence to their own abuse. The blame falls on the actual abuser instead of, as always, on the victim. Many porn stars do talk and scream about what’s been done to them. They go to the police and nothing is ever done. They speak up and they’re run out of the industry. Or they suddenly disappear and no one hears from them again.

    What about male porn stars instead of always blaming the women?

    I am told many things and a lot of it I have written about. The rest I can’t because the women would be put in more danger.

    Quite the opposite, it is her who has to suffer the humiliating abuse at the hands of the selfish directors.

    So you must be an abuser yourself? Why else support the abusers and wanting them to abuse again? Your logic makes no sense. If someone is abused and doesn’t talk, then they should be abused even worse? So you want the abuser to be given more power. If you’re on a jury and if a rape victim says she was raped but hadn’t said anything until now, would you say who cares because they didn’t speak up sooner?

    You’re also forgetting many of the women in this industry have been abused as children & teens and were conditioned to believe it was their fault. Children are also told many times it’s their fault and the family will be destroyed if they say anything publicly.

    Why only against American porn when abuse in porn is in every country? And was it it with her, her, her? Men are also abused in porn or they see the abuse happening and don’t say anything. And when you also have the victims being threatened, their families & children, then who the hell are you to blame these women? You’re giving more permission to the abusers to continue what they’re doing. You put no blame on the abuser but blame the women for not saying anything. The women don’t run this industry. We all know who the rapists are and they’re still here. Porn stars don’t run the industry. And the ones who say anything are usually run out.

  9. Darrah Ford says:

    mr bengrim, thinking of the stories is easier than getting the story. I’m also not good with interviews. Too much stress in thinking what to ask and did I ask everything.

    Anon, Nikki is right. Today’s porn star is a business. You can’t think oh I’ll go and do porn and go home after. So much more goes into being a real porn star today and only the ones who work hard make it out on top.

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