Montana Fishburne is still in a “mental” hospital.


It’s been three weeks since Montana Fishburne checked herself into an inpatient facility that specializes in anger management, behavioral problems, and mental illnesses. The facility is in Southern California and Montana will be there for at least another week. Sources say part of Montana’s stay will be devoted to anger issues but she’ll also undergo diagnostic tests to determine if there are underlying behavioral or mental issues.

At first I thought this was a ploy of hers because she is currently awaiting trial for beating an ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend, Jerome Greene. Many celebrities & wealthy people get away with their crimes by running to “rehab” to avoid going to prison. That’s what I think happened here. Hopefully her time away from her boyfriend will knock some sense into her and finally get her away from the man that had been pimping her since she was 18.

What had happened was Montana & Jerome had broken into his ex-girlfriend’s home, dragged her into the bathroom, and started beating her. Reports say Jerome has already plead guilty while Montana was awaiting trial. It’s also been recently reported that Montana’s father Laurence Fishburne was secretly paying for his daughter’s legal bills for this case without her knowing.

TMZ is also reporting that Montana’s father was unaware that his daughter had decided to seek help.

I’ve never heard who the woman was that they had beaten but I’m assuming the woman is Montana’s former friend NeNe, who I’ve mentioned previously. I finally have a full name on her and it’s NeNe Fyre. She’s the one who was the first to reveal that Montana had been arrested for prostitution, Jerome was pimping both of them, and he was physically abusive towards them. Don’t believe the lie that neither of them know who NeNe is because there are several videos & pictures out there of all three of them together.

NeNe is now also in the porn industry and might possibly be working soon with Mr. Marcus. So while Montana had been scraping the bottom of the barrel with Brian Pumper, NeNe got Mr. Marcus! A video of NeNe outside of Mr. Marcus’ office can be seen at

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  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I just updated the link to the video in the very last paragraph. The link was a broken link after moving servers. The newer link is

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