More broken court orders, Janine Lindemulder’s grandmother dies, and Janine accuses Jesse James of hacking her computer.


The usual again has happened where Jesse has broken more court orders, Janine has no contact with her daughter, hasn’t seen Sunny since she left Texas weeks ago, Janine went to Texas to visit Sunny, she went to pick up her daughter at school, Sunny wasn’t there, Jesse had pulled Sunny out of school because Janine was planning on “kidnapping” her daughter, Janine’s grandmother passed away, Jesse won’t let Sunny go to her great-grandmother’s funeral, and another court hearing is in about two weeks.

Jesse claims that Janine posted a threatening post on her Myspace about “kidnapping” Sunny. Janine says she did not write that Myspace post or a similar email but believes Jesse is behind it all. In new legal documents filed yesterday, Janine says she has forensic evidence showing her computer was hacked on the day the Myspace post was made:

“This is not the first time [Jesse] manufactured evidence against me to prevent me from having custody of Sunny.”

So this won’t turn into another 5,000 word essay on my part, I linked the newest links about all the latest updates:

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6 Responses to More broken court orders, Janine Lindemulder’s grandmother dies, and Janine accuses Jesse James of hacking her computer.

  1. frog says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Jonlynlyn didn’t come back to the blog because Jesse’s lawyer sent a cease and desist once Jonlynlyn starting talking with Darrah? If she still raising hell about Jesse on her Myspace like momn8rx said she was?

    It’s either that or some friend (like Janine?) told her to stay the hell away from Darrah because she’s a rabble rousing trouble maker!

    EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Claims Ex-Wife Threatened To Kidnap Daughter

    I was skeptical at 1st, but now I’m believe Jonlynlyn’s (love that name, gonna say it as many times as possible, sounds like I’m singing when I say that) hacking accusations. At first it didn’t occur to me that by hacking, she meant hacking accounts on the web. Much more easy to do. I thought she meant hacking her computer at home, which is difficult. You’d need to know a real professional criminal hacker to get something like that done.

    I’m still doubtful about Sunny’s school mistreating Janine. Not calling a student’s parent back? They’re setting themself up to get sued if they’re really doing that. And, Jesse’s no doubt in a good school district. Hard to believe they’re being that the school is being that irresponsible about it.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Maybe Janine’s lawyer has to agree as to what can be said and to who. Her mother has done a few interviews already that I know of.

    About the school, they’re probably siding with Jesse because he has physical custody, has money, and isn’t a porn star. Especially if this is a private school. They pretty much make their own rules. I’m sure a public school would fear lawsuits if they neglected the other parent.

  3. momn8rx says:

    Ms. Jeter’s words on her daughter’s behalf aren’t “raising hell, rather it’s fed up with the lies, maltreatment of her daughter, granddaughter, and their extended family.

    Janine’s taken full responsibility for her problems yet is called a felon and bad mother who abandoned her child though she’s neither. The tax conviction was a misdemeanor and of course she relinquished custody as she couldn’t take the child to prison or a halfway house!

    She’s trying to regain footing though the rug gets pulled out from under her at every turn. And because she desperately wants to see her child, she’s referred to as a “crazy stalker.” What the hell; seriously?

    I’ve no doubt that the school refused and/or limited her contact with her daughter. I don’t know the reasoning but a few scenarios could be: A) custody orders issued in one state are not always recognized in another and must be (re)filed with the courts of the current residential state. B) Despite a 50/50 custody split, the parent retaining physical custody excluded the other as an authorized pick-up or emergency contact.

    Folks, do Janine a favor and read up on parental alienation; that’s exactly what’s happening to her now. You may recall Alec Baldwin addressing this syndrome a few years ago (following his infamous phonecall to his preteen daughter).

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  5. Bronx says:

    Janine might have lost a few small battles, but hopefully she will prevail and win the war. I can only wish her strength and all the best. She is fortunate to have people like you and her mother in her corner to be supportive. It’s all uphill. Jesse is an A-hole with a big bank roll. Money talks. Too bad for Sunny. Thank you for continuing to report the “other” side of this story. Mainstream media has only told Sandra’s story and then vilified Janine for being a PORN star. Please continue to keep us posted.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    Considering this is a new school for Sunny with a whole new set of friends, here he is taking her in and out of school when she just started last month at the school. If he really wanted a new life and start over, why bring more attention to her? Now her new friends are probably hearing all about this from their parents at home. He doesn’t seem that concerned about his daughter being “kidnapped” considering he’s flying off to Los Angeles all the time to be with his new girlfriend.

    If he didn’t have money, this would have been treated like every other case where he would be in prison and Janine would have sole custody. It happens everyday.

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