Amy Fisher once turned down appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Amy just did an interview with AdultFYI. She says the adult media has treated her nice while the mainstream media never has. She doesn’t care what the media writes about her just as long as they include a hot picture of her.

She says she had nothing to do with writing her first book “Amy Fisher: My Story”. Her lawyer had signed away all her rights and ended up putting her name on anything he could. It took her 15 years to get her name back.

When Amy’s first sex tape was released in 2007, she says it made the public look at her in a different light. They weren’t looking at her so much anymore as the crazy girl from 20 years ago. She says she’s happy now and things are going real well for her.

The most shocking thing about the interview is that Amy says she was asked to be on “Dancing With The Stars” when it first aired. She was offered $10,000 for six weeks of work but she turned it down saying she can’t dance. Other reality shows were offered to her as well. She doesn’t say which ones but it seems to be VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab.” One wanted her to be a drug addict. She said she’s not a drug addict. Another wanted her to be a sex addict. She asked how many addicts they wanted her to be. She turned it all down. I do remember though she was reportedly scheduled to be on the “Celebrity Boxing” where she would have been up against former figure skater Tonya Harding. She wasn’t allowed to compete after being barred by her parole judge.

It’s a good interview and she comes off well. You can read her interview at AdultFYI.

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6 Responses to Amy Fisher once turned down appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.”

  1. Amber says:

    It’s a good interview and she came off well?!?!? WTF?? This woman put a bullet in someone’s head!! You have nicer things to say about Amy Fisher than Sandra Bullock or Kim K?? Are you kidding me? I must be living in some alternate universe where it’s forgivable to try and kill someone, but women who make sex tapes, then become ashamed of them while making money off of them, should be found in a river. It was nice of you to include the “hot” picture too. Just weird.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    What’s left about that scandal is between Amy & Mary Jo now. Amy was underage, having an affair with a man twice her age, came from a fucked up family, and in her head thought if she got rid of the wife, then Joey would “love” her and live happily ever after. He shouldn’t have been with her. I read how two 15-year-old girls passed lie detector tests saying they had been with him also. His own kids TODAY call him a sociopath and want nothing to do with him.

    By a good interview I mean if we didn’t know who she was, we would read that interview and say it was a good interview and she came off well. While the rest in this industry have been praising her on their websites, I think I’m the only one who has been critical of her:

    She served her time in prison more than the recommended time I heard. She was also being raped in prison by a guard and he had been raping other women too. Other inmates and former inmates had come forward after what Amy was saying about how they had been raped by him as well. Amy had to smuggle out her panties to her mother to get them tested. It was his DNA. He said it was consensual sex but only because the DNA was his. If there was no DNA, he would deny everything. Nothing happened to him like how usually nothing happens to most rapists. He quit and was sent to another prison out of state to work in. Amy remained in prison which probably put her at an even greater security risk by other guards.

    Even with all the stunts she’s pulled throughout the years, she & everyone else moved on in their own way and life went on. What really angered me about Amy is when she attacked Mary Jo two years ago:,2933,330322,00.html

    This was after Amy’s first sex tape in 2007. Mary Jo was upset that Amy was profiting from the tape. Amy lost her mind and started attacking Mary Jo. What happened decades ago happened decades ago. The rest is now between Amy, her own silent hell, and Mary Jo.

    I saw their interview when they first met for the first time a couple of years ago. Mary Jo hugged her and forgave her. Amy apologized and also said how after she had her own children, it hit her even deeper because she thought what if that ever happened to her and what would happen to her kids. After the sit down interview, they went on with their lives and moved on. They needed that sit down interview so they could both move on.

    Amy had been living a regular normal life with her husband and kids for many years. I believe he’s a police officer and she wrote a column for a local newspaper. Then Jo Buttafuoco came back into the picture, an anniversary of that scandal approached, and it all went downhill again with them both dating after all those years and their own separate sex tape deals.

    Mary Jo was angry with the first sex tape because Amy was profiting from the notoriety from what she did all those years ago. Now Mary Jo is sad after hearing that Amy is making porn an actual career:

    “Amy hates herself. What this is, is self-loathing. She can not forgive herself for what she did to me. And that’s sad. As a result of that, she’s gotten into this hostile environment.”

    Amy served her time, more so than she was suppose to, and was repeatedly abused while in prison by the guard. What’s left now is between Amy and Mary Jo. Compared to all the criminals in this industry, Amy is a choir girl.

    Sandra conspired to take a woman’s freedom away so she could have custody of that woman’s daughter. The letter she wrote to the TAX judge as one example. Kim has influenced an entire generation of young girls thinking if they do porn, they can be as rich and “famous” as she is. What those young girls don’t understand is what Kim did is “celebrity” porn while what they would be doing is real porn. What Amy did was decades ago when she was underage. What happens now is between she and Mary Jo, not us.

  3. Amber says:


  4. iwasthere says:

    Darrah, Amy is married to a freelance photog.. he was never in the force. They needed the $$$.

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Photographer? I thought he was a former police officer. I thought they had been living well but maybe the economy hit them bad. That’s why I always wondered why is she doing porn.

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