Lupe Fuentes fights to regain the name “Little Lupe”.


Lupe Fuentes, Evan Seinfeld, and Webquest are being sued by Paolo Cammarata for copyright infringement. The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, said that Teen Revenue’s Paolo Cammarata discovered Lupe, came up with the name Little Lupe, and started the website

According to the complaint, things went sour after Lupe started dating Evan Seinfeld last year where he also became her manager. The lawsuit, which seeks about one million dollars in damages, also describes a failed co-promotion deal between Cammarata and Evan after Evan started his own two Lupe websites. The suit also alleges the theft of about 50 videos featuring Lupe which are owned by Teen Revenue’s parent company and found on

“Seinfeld provided the stolen videos with the false copyright information to WebQuest, which copied, uploaded, displayed and distributed the stolen videos on,” the suit said.

One of the alleged stolen videos is the now infamous video which got a New York man arrested in Puerto Rico on child porn charges. Lupe flew down to Puerto Rico six months ago and testified in court that she was 19-years-old when the video was shot.

Teen Revenue’s attorney replies:

“[We] contend that Evan and Lupe stole the masters of videos exclusively available on LittleLupe, rebranded those videos with the mark ‘I Love Lupe’ and displayed the stolen videos on the new ILoveLupe site as their own,” Spillane said. “We also believe that nearly all of the revenues earned from ILoveLupe are attributable to the draw of infringing content and should be disgorged.”

Lupe is now suing to regain the name Little Lupe which Evan claims is a childhood name of hers. Cammarata’s lawyer tells the New York Post:

“By referring to herself as ‘Little Lupe’ and referring to her new Web site as the ‘Little Lupe’ site, she’s creating confusion that her site is sponsored or associated with ours.”

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2 Responses to Lupe Fuentes fights to regain the name “Little Lupe”.

  1. If her initial webmasters/management dubbed her “little lupe” – and are only asking to retain the rights to exclusively use the name “little lupe” she should be glad in my view, considering that she’s now a “new” talent in American porn (even though she’s been around forever) and is widely known as “Lupe Fuentes” .

    To me the name “little lupe” is simply too disturbing and even promotes the idea of pedophilia – something that I’d think she’d be actively trying to get away from being that she’s a Wicked girl now.

    If anything Lupe needs to concern herself with maintaining the right to use the name “Lupe Fuentes” when she and Evan split – that day will definitely come at some point.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    The thing that surprised me is the claim that the videos on her new site are stolen from the original site. Evan had nothing to do with them and didn’t even know Lupe then. The case should get interesting.

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