Jesse James’ new girlfriend is also a former drug addict & alcoholic.


Jesse’s new girlfriend, Kat Von D, is a former drug addict & alcoholic according to an interview her ex-husband has done with InTouch Weekly. Oliver Peck, who was married to Kat from 2003 to 2007, claims that his ex-wife was taking drugs to lose weight, drinking until she was throwing up every day, incoherent, and sometimes destructive. He was standing by his wife until he learned she was having an affair. She got sober in 2008.

Jesse is a former alcoholic. Kat’s ex-husband is claiming she’s a former drug addict & alcoholic. But the one that people hold out to ridicule for her past problems is Janine. This so-called loving father claims he’s trying to protect his daughter from her drug addict mother. Janine has tested clean for years and the courts know this. But here he’s now dating a former addict while he himself has had his own problems with substance abuse.

We know Janine is clean because of her court ordered testing. But Jesse, Sandra Bullock, and Kat have never been tested to see if they’re suitable to be around this little girl. If you want to call someone an addict, take away a woman’s freedom, or stand in the way in the relationship between mother & daughter, then you and anyone else you bring around this child should also be tested.

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7 Responses to Jesse James’ new girlfriend is also a former drug addict & alcoholic.

  1. Bronx says:

    Valid point. I hope Janine’s attorneys request that Jesse be tested randomly for the next several months to ensure he is the wonderful father he claims to be. Unfortunately, I don’t think they can legally test his girlfriends.

  2. Dick Wolf says:

    LMAO your love for Janine is borderline psychotic. Get over it, she is a loser and always will be. Her kid is better off with Sandra, Jesse, or even that scab Kat Von D.

  3. Bronx says:

    Dear Dick-
    It’s not “love” for Janine. I don’t even know the woman. I just hate to see people bullied by A-holes with large bank rolls. The playground should be level, no matter how much “lawyer” you can afford. It’s the daughter who is really the victim. The whole situation is sad.

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Your hate for a mother fighting for her daughter is borderline psychotic.

    Why bring Sandra’s name into this? She was never anything to Sunny except the father’s third wife. Now the third ex-wife. Third ex-wives are nothing to a child but can remain friendly and in the family circle if the mother allows it. But by saying Sandra should have Sunny, why not say Jesse’s first wife should have her or the next door neighbor. They’re all not the child’s mother who has raised her since birth, unlike Jesse.

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Bronx, I found a new article I’ll post this week where Jesse now wants Janine tested for HIV. I’m like why isn’t he considering he cheated on Sandra with women in the adult industry!! So it seems he’s happy someone was infected with HIV so he could use it against Janine to keep her daughter away. Newsflash, children aren’t taken away because the mother has STDs.

  6. Steven Millan says:

    Sandra,Jesse,and Kat Von D. all makes my stomach churn in absolute disgust(whenever I think about of those three[or all three of them]). 😛 😛

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    Rumor is Kat left Jesse and went back to Nikki Sixx. lol

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