The latest news, video links, and the craziest rumor so far.

Of course, the rumors are running wild. One RUMOR as to the actual high number can be read at

Monica Foster, at, has recorded her new show for this week with a special report on the latest news on this case. You can watch them on her Youtube channel here and here.

Below are a few of the links from various websites out there. Everything else is the same elsewhere linking back to the LA Times. This is what’s out there so far:

Update on The HIV Positive performer and AIM —

Porn actor has tested positive for HIV; industry clinic officials confirm a quarantine is in effect [Updated] —

Porn film performer tests positive for HIV —

Search for partners, production shutdown as Los Angeles porn actor tests positive for HIV —

AIDS Healthcare Foundation urges AIM to release the records of those affected —

Two porn companies postpone filming over HIV test — BBC

U.S. porn industry hit by HIV scare after adult performer tests positive for virus — Daily Mail

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2 Responses to The latest news, video links, and the craziest rumor so far.

  1. Steven Millan says:

    I don’t bother with reading porn news or what the industry is up to nowadays,since there’s too many trojans and viruses lurking those sites(as much as they are over at MySpace),and the porn news has become so superficial that it no longer interest me,but I won’t go on a forum like LukeIsBack and XPT and complain about it on a daily basis(which is weak and gets tiresome real fast).

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    What protection do you use on your computer? I can send you the list that I have which protects me.

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