A few random thoughts.


Since the story broke this week of the newest HIV confirmation, I and many others have been on Twitter trying to read everyone’s pages seeing who knows what if anything. With this comes the arguments and threats that people are now getting into. Male porn stars are actually threatening physical violence towards one another because it’s turned into a so-called gay issue & female porn stars upset about how this has shown their friend’s true colors. All of this because of ……. Twitter.

Of course, yours truly got into her share of arguments. I tried to tell everyone this isn’t a gay issue, you’re all at risk, and the people who run the industry treat women badly. One person even threatened to call her lawyer to talk to me because she claimed I was putting words into her mouth. She was coming across as anti-woman. She then says I’m anti-porn which isn’t true. I’m not anti-porn or anti-porn star. I’m anti-industry and against the rampant abuse women face while in this industry. So this makes me a bad person while the industry is filled with fairy dust & unicorns.

Below are several of my tweets from that night:

October 12:

This latest HIV scare will be once again used by the haters to attack gays & escorts. Unless you use condoms, you’re all at risk.

Most escorts, especially high-end escorts, use condoms. They have to while many of their clients expect it.

Especially 2 female porn stars who constantly do nothing but attack escorts. Don’t be jealous because others make more than you.

Especially when one of those two is listed as an active escort in TER.

It still gauls me when any porn star attacks other porn stars who also escort. Film outside of California & you’ll be arrested.

Don’t say u would never escort because it’s illegal. It’s legal in Nevada & many countries. The same countries u visit often for “work.”

You’re all in the same boat. Stick together and help each other instead of tearing each other apart.

Don’t believe the lie the talking heads in porn tell you how you’re more protected than the general public.

All those women who have told me throughout two years they’re leaving because of “health issues” also believed that lie.

Why aren’t there any cases in Nevada of HIV, that we know of? Could it be because they have to use condoms??

Stop it with the nonsense that the “fans” want porn without condoms. Don’t you know by now many of those fans don’t care about you?

Take a good look at a certain controversial porn forum. That’s where you get to see the real “fans” and how much they hate women.

Why does Wicked still do very well and they require condoms? Vivid did extremely well when they also required condoms.

You want porn to do well? Stop it with the circus acts and put out a product with actual sex.

How can anyone be a real fan of yours and not want you fully protected as possible?

Porn is a small community. So when the percentage rate is higher than the general public, then it is a problem.

Many women are told they’re safe & not to worry. Then they leave porn with STDs by the time they’re 21.

Women retire every single month who were tested and they leave with STDs.

How do I know this? They told me.

Getting tested won’t stop the initial spreading of STDs. It just prevents it from spreading even more.

Patient Zero will still be infected. 99% of this wouldn’t even be an issue if there was mandatory condom use.

Taking meds won’t allow these women to have children years from now. Many women can no longer have children.

Many still deal with medical problems years after they retired from the industry. Medications didn’t help them in anything.

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2 Responses to A few random thoughts.

  1. Amber says:

    Darrah, this was a great article. I wholeheartedly agree with you. And so, so sad.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Does it pain you to agree with me? lol

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