Here’s someone who was probably happy about the latest HIV scare happening in the industry.


Last week, Janine Lindemulder had refused Jesse James’ latest demands that she take an AIDS test as a condition of seeing her daughter. Jesse wanted these tests done now after a porn star recently tested positive for HIV. Janine was suppose to see her daughter that weekend but Jesse pulled this new stunt out of his hat.

What Jesse fails to mention is that Janine has been repeatedly tested for HIV while she was in prison and since leaving prison. Janine has had to undergo regular drug & HIV testing. Jesse knows this but still used a man’s HIV status as a way of trying to keep a mother & her daughter away from each other. But why do the courts allow him to continue to get away with it?

Jesse married one of the most famous porn stars of all time. He then cheats on his third wife Sandra Bullock with several women working in the adult industry. Why isn’t he taking the same tests he wants Janine to?? He’s been with more partners than Janine has. For every new test he wants Janine to take, whether it’s a drug or HIV test, he should first take it himself.

And when did having STDs not make someone a suitable parent anymore? There would be millions of parents losing their children around the world if they could no longer raise their own children because of STDs.

From RadarOnline:

“Jesse has got a nerve – he has been more sexually active than me in recent times and if anyone should be tested then it’s him not me.”

“I had regular drug and HIV tests, both when I was in prison and after I was released, and I always passed them. I will probably have another test anyways before our next court date just to show that I’m being responsible.”

“I know the name of the person concerned and never had any contact with him and I would never do anything that would potentially harm our daughter.”

“I may have done porn but plenty of people in the adult entertainment industry have kids and have custody arrangements laid-down by the courts.”

“And even if I was HIV positive, which I am not, I would still have rights to see my child – Jesse is just coming up with any excuse that he can to prevent me from spending time with Sunny.”

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2 Responses to Here’s someone who was probably happy about the latest HIV scare happening in the industry.

  1. Bronx says:

    Thank you for continuing to update info on this case. Although it is no longer in the media spotlught, I wish Sunny and Janine all the best. It seems Jesse will be his own downfall. I expect some response from Dick Wolf aka “Richard Smoker.”

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    I’ve been with this about 2 and a 1/2 years now. Have gotten so much hate even from people I didn’t expect it from. They defend some of the worst people in this industry but attacked Janine & attacked me for defending Janine. The claim to be so pro-porn and pro-industry but threw one of the biggest stars under the bus all so they could kiss Sandra Bullock’s ass. Though Sandra and Jesse did nothing but condemn the industry.

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