Janine Lindemulder calls the police on Jesse James; she also wins more unsupervised visits with her daughter.


Two weeks ago, RadarOnline reported that Janine filed a complaint with Texas police against Jesse after he refused to allow her to pick up her daughter from school for the third week in a row on September 24. Jesse had the child’s nanny pick her up from school early before Janine had arrived. So not only is he once again breaking another court order, he’s now making the nanny an accessory to kidnapping. If he was so concerned about their daughter, why wasn’t he there instead of the nanny? The answer is Jesse doesn’t raise the child while the nanny is doing all the work. He’s mostly in Los Angeles or Las Vegas now with his new girlfriend Kat Von D.

This is a new school for Sunny with new friends but she hasn’t been allowed to settle in yet because Jesse and the nanny have done nothing but drag her in and out of school so Janine couldn’t pick her up. A new school is already hard enough on any child. But make this even more high profile of a case by continuing to put the child back in the headlines which will sure make Sunny the odd one out by her new friends:

“She asked me why I hadn’t picked her up from school and I had to explain that they took her before I even arrived,” Lindemulder, a porn star, told RadarOnline.com

RadarOnline reports that Jesse’s girlfriend had been trying to convince Jesse to move back to Californian to be closer to her:

“He did everything that he could to try and win Sandra Bullock back but it just didn’t wash and now that he has Kat in his life why would he stay in Texas?”

“All of his friends are in California and he was like a fish out of water in Austin which is really Sandra’s town.”

“The sad part is that he made the kids move there and now he will have to bring them all back again.”

“He’s a narcissist and if it means being with Kat Von D and all the publicity that will bring then I’m sure he will go for it.”

“I guess I should be happy that he returns to California because I can be closer to Sunny but the truth is that no matter where I am he will always make me jump through hoops before I see our daughter.”

Last week, a judge once again granted Janine unsupervised visits with her daughter and requested counseling for Janine, her daughter, and Jesse.

Janine also states that Jesse is rarely home with her daughter and passes his parenting responsibilities on to others so he can fly around the country with his new girlfriend. Jesse still hasn’t paid Janine’s legal fees either as ordered by the court in August.

As I’ve said before, parents lose custody of their children every single day after breaking only one court order while the other parent gets sole custody. Jesse has broken countless court orders keeping Janine away from her daughter. Sandra Bullock had also broken many court orders in this case too when she was still married to Jesse. Jesse is being allowed to make a mockery out of the courts because he has money. If he was anyone else, he would have been in prison right now.

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