What I hope is the last I ever mention anything on Jenna Jameson ever again.


I’ve been sitting on so many things about Jenna Jameson much of which I can never print. Not because I wouldn’t want to but because a pile of bricks would fall on my head from my sources. But the information that is public I need to voice my frustrations and opinions on. The woman makes me ill and the general public needs to be warned on her lies so to protect themselves.

Jenna Jameson wants you all to believe that she cares about you. Here she is using another HIV scare to get mainstream publicity. If anyone else was saying this, it would be more credible coming from them than from her. She used the 2004 HIV scare to get mainstream publicity by doing interviews saying she loves what she does but she doesn’t want to die for it. At the time, Jenna was only working with her current second husband Jay Grdina. Before then, she was at Vivid which was condom mandatory. So the risk she faced contracting HIV was already years passed.

She now claims she was working towards a porn union and wanted to make safer sex mandatory. Really? Who stopped you from accomplishing this? Why didn’t you go through with this porn union? You couldn’t find another wealthy man to marry who would create the porn union for you while you sat back & did nothing while taking all the credit? We all know you don’t have the brains or work ethic to have seen such a project through.

According to her own skewed math, she repeatedly tells people on her Twitter that she’s been retired from porn for nine years now. But according to this press release, Jay started ClubJenna eight years ago. So how can Jenna be retired for nine years when her husband started his company eight years ago? It’s Just Jenna once again re-writing her history and trying to further herself away from the industry. You can never be retired from an industry you still receive a paycheck from.

This ticking time bomb has been around the entire time Jenna has been a porn star. There have been several HIV scares throughout her entire time here. Why is this year so shocking to her and not the previous years? She misses the spotlight and is tired of only being known now as Tito Ortiz’s girlfriend.

You can’t call an industry a ticking time bomb when you glamorized that same industry for 17 years and claimed it’s so empowering to women. Jenna Jameson had no power. It was given to her because she’s the biggest puppet this industry has ever seen. They didn’t pick the one with a brain. They didn’t pick the one with a backbone. They didn’t pick the one with an original idea. They didn’t pick the one who would stand up for herself. Those women would never be named the “queen of porn” because they were too smart for that title. So the people who run this industry looked around and picked Jenna to be your “queen” because she will do whatever & say whatever just as long as you pay her enough. The industry said jump while Jenna asked how high. All with her hand out waiting to get paid.

All this woman ever talks about is money and how much money she has. She tells people on her Twitter that the real winners are the ones who die rich. No honey. The real winners are the ones who die with honor, integrity, and didn’t go through life hurting people. Her own brother starts a Twitter page the day their father was buried two weeks ago and tells people he’s rich while they suck cock for free. Those are his exact words. He seems to forget whatever money he has is because Jenna married her second husband Jay. Jenna was well known long before meeting Jay but she didn’t have the money that she has now. She married a very wealthy man, he & his brother funded ClubJenna, while Jay ran the company.

The bulk of Jenna’s money is her half of ClubJenna after Jay sold it to Playboy. Jenna turned her back on ClubJenna & Jay after the company was sold to Playboy. The company was sold on June 2006. Jenna’s publicist confirmed on August 2006 that Jenna and Dave Navarro were dating. Dave and his wife Carmen Electra had separated on July 2006. After Jenna went public admitting she and Dave were dating, Carmen filed for divorce two days later. That same month Jenna started dating Tito after meeting him on Myspace. Jenna goes on the Howard Stern show telling the world alleging Dave has a small penis. On December 2006, Jenna filed for divorce from Jay.

If you follow her Twitter page, you would believe that she and Tito have been married for six years. Jenna is still married to her second husband Jay while she and Tito have been dating for only four years. How can Jenna and Tito be together for six years when she and Jay have been married for seven years? So Jenna was cheating on Jay a year after they married? So she was cheating on Tito with Dave Navarro four years ago? It’s Jenna trying to legitimize her relationship with Tito when it’s nothing but a broken relationship hanging by a shoe string. By reading Tito’s Twitter page, you came to the conclusion that he broke up with Jenna this past June:

“Life just went bad, I won’t be a part of lies anymore, I need to focus on my career and my boys, and trying five times is enough.”

Tito later deleted those tweets. This all seemed to happen while Jenna & Tito were in the Bahamas in June where Jenna was judging a bikini contest. Weeks earlier, Jay also left messages on his Twitter saying how happy he was no longer living in a world of lies. He too deleted those tweets. So her husband and boyfriend both write about this world of lies they lived in. But Jenna will never take responsibility for anything going wrong in her life and blames everyone around her. She will do to Tito what she’s been doing to Jay for years. While Jenna tries to put out this image of a happy home life she and Tito have.

Jenna had nothing to do with ClubJenna but took all the credit for it. Jenna was only a paid employee of the company. Being the name and the face of the company doesn’t mean it’s your company. Did she sign the paychecks and could she fire anyone without crying to Jay to fire them for her?

Jenna was an awkward looking teen when she started porn. She blossomed years later. But she did as she was told and she was rewarded for it. She later marries the company director, Brad Armstrong, which secured her position with the company. Jenna was never the best looking, never the best performer, and has a horrible attitude & personality. While there are so many beautiful looking women who are phenomenal performers. So why did Jenna get as far as she did while they didn’t? Jenna married the right men and had the right people around her to give her the career she wanted. She’s the Britney Spears of porn. Neither has any talent but the right publicity team behind them made them into super stars.

Jenna didn’t have the money or the business sense to start her own company. She meets Jay and convinced him to do all the work while she takes all the credit. She lied to millions of women telling them how glamorous the industry is, how empowering it is to women, they wouldn’t even have to perform with men, and would still make a fortune. Those same women entered the industry believing her lies. Once in, these women looked around and realized it was all a lie. Women have no power in the industry, 95% live check to check, and most leave with STDs that have no cure.

Jenna never did “real porn.” I never understood what that meant as I kept on hearing that for many years from the industry and porn fans. I understand its meaning now. She wasn’t doing what Belladonna, Sasha Grey, and the new girls are doing now. What Jenna did is called “vanilla porn.” In a nutshell, it’s boring. The porn Jenna starred in is couples porn which tries to get more women to watch. Most women will not watch “real porn” because it’s too extreme for them. If you want to be called the “queen of porn” while making millions, then do what Sasha does or stop your fucking complaining!

Jenna tries to distance herself from the industry that made her who she is today. She cries on Oprah asking what will she tell her children when they’re older. You can tell them you did very little but were paid very well for it. You can tell them husband number one was the company director while husband number two is very wealthy. You can tell them you lied to millions of women while reading the script the industry told you to read. Tell them mommy was very lazy, did very little work, but made millions taking all the credit for what others helped you achieve.

With the money Wicked, Vivid, and Jay Grdina pumped into the Jenna publicity machine, people believed the hype that Jenna was the “queen of porn.” Look at what the music industry puts out as “music.” It’s boring and bland but the money going into promoting it makes it successful. Look at the millions of dollars politicians put into their campaigns. They’re trying to brainwash you to believe they’re the better candidate when many are not qualified for the position.

Jenna also won her shiny porn awards but fails to mention most of them were bought for her. Everyone knows that most porn award nominations & wins are paid for. Jenna was never the best actress or the best performer but kept on winning those awards because Wicked, Vivid, and Jay bought them for her. It’s a known fact many who get nominated and/or win many of these awards didn’t deserve it.

Another thing that greatly annoys me about Jenna is when she continues to claim that she’s this “icon.” She was never an icon and did nothing to merit being called an icon. Do something on your own from the ground up without the team of mostly male handlers around you, then you can call yourself an icon & business woman. Everyone has a team of handlers around them helping them. But they at least do most of the work that goes into their career. Ask anyone in this industry and they will all tell you Jenna was very lazy, flaked on many of her shoots, and never ran ClubJenna.

If you have to constantly keep on reminding people how great you are and you’re an icon, that means you never were. What else did you expect the industry to tell you? They patted you on the head and told you how great you were so you would continue doing what they told you to do. You read their script to the mainstream press. In return, you were paid very well and they fed you the lies on how great you are and what an innovator you had become. You were never a business woman. The Belladonna’s of the industry are. You were never a pioneer. The Nina Hartley’s of the industry are. You haven’t begun to prove yourself yet. You did nothing to better this industry or to help your fellow performers. You lied to everyone and used the people around you all for a buck.

A year ago, Candida Royalle even said how Jenna took credit on the Oprah Winfrey show for what the other women before her had done. Candida and other more qualified women were used by the show’s producers for five months in preparation for the show during November sweeps months. But they were all ditched at the last minute for Jenna. While the other women were the real pioneers and legitimate icons, Jenna was the more recognizable name.

Jenna Jameson is a has-been who continues to use everyone around her for publicity. While she attacks a handful of women for putting their children on magazine covers, she parades her children in front of her home to the paparazzi after having their father arrested for “beating” her. She then parades them in front of a world audience on the Oprah Winfrey show. She recently used her dying father for publicity by running to the press giving interviews while he was in the hospital before and after he recently passed away. The last image anyone has of her father is the picture she posted on her Twitter of him in the hospital with a tube down his throat. She claims to be grieving but has already been to movie premieres and seen out at paparazzi friendly restaurants. The website recently started for her father has a picture up of only Jenna and her father. No picture of her and her brother or her and her children. She thinks she’s the only one grieving for him but forgets he had an entire family.

You’re a fake and a fraud who has hurt and destroyed the lives of so many people. You claim to be a victim but months ago was mocking a deaf ultimate fighter on your Twitter. You attack anyone who has an opinion who stands up to you. You claim we’re all haters and jealous of you when there isn’t a single thing to be jealous of. I wouldn’t want to look like you and I wouldn’t want to be you. You claim we’re all haters, jealous, fat, ugly, and sitting home eating bon-bons. The men who also have an opinion against you are all gay who have never had a “hot” looking girlfriend like you. The ones who claim that everyone else is a hater are usually the biggest haters themselves. The ones who claim that everyone else is jealous are usually the ones who are jealous themselves.

There are so many people in this industry who are suffering and have nothing. You’ve managed to walk away a very wealthy woman but you still complain. It could have been far worse for you. Why can’t you be happy with what you have instead of the constant complaining?

Stop believing the hype you once had ten years ago. It was as fake as you are. They told you what you wanted to hear. You wouldn’t have done what you were told to do if they had told you how they really felt about you. You’re now destroying the career of the man you claim to love by making a fool out of him in front of the sport he’s been in before ever meeting you. You’ve claimed to be a stay at home mother when in reality it’s the nanny raising them. It would better serve you and your family if you deleted your Twitter and went back to actually raising your children. Though your page is in my top five of daily reads just for the giggles, it would surely be missed. But to salvage your relationship with your children’s father and for the stability of your children’s future, leave Hollywood, finally settle your divorce, stop believing the hype you once had, and stay away from social networks.

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16 Responses to What I hope is the last I ever mention anything on Jenna Jameson ever again.

  1. damn says:

    Do you feel better now? Should I get a cup of coffee before I start reading the novel you just wrote?

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    Actually I feel better to finally get everything out in the open.

  3. fapjunkie says:

    Wow!! You put a beatdown on Jenna like her husband got on saturday night. It’s telling that Tito hasn’t won a match since 2006 when he met her.

    I’ve been waiting for this post. Bravo!!

  4. fapjunkie says:

    ^Correction: I meant to write boyfriend or baby daddy instead of husband.

  5. BBWprincess says:

    BRAVO! Great article. It makes sense what you wrote about how Jenna is titled the Queen of Porn. Many are great performers but are dead broke. BRIANA BANKS is a prime example of that (IMO) because she does things in films that are hardcore. Briana is also beautiful, and sexy yet Jenna gets all the fame for being the “queen” and Briana is still broke to this day. Granted, maybe BB doesn’t know how to manage her money but Porn money is exaggerated. Unless you own your own (successful) production company, you will not be rich.

    I used to be a HARDCORE fan of Jenna Jameson. I watched her in interviews — she always seemed fun and down to earth. JJ used to be SO BEAUTIFUL! But after reading her twitter, she is just bitter and delusional. Her plastic surgery is horrible now. I can’t believe this is the same Jenna Jameson I used to love and admire.

  6. Chris says:

    Geez, why don’t you tell us how you really feel next time! I’ve always laughed at the “Queen of Porn” title. I agree she didn’t do “real porn.” That crap that Vivid puts out isn’t porn as far as I’m concerned. If you’re not doing hardcore gonzo you’re not a porn star.

  7. Steven Millan says:

    Jenna Jameson is a major league has-been(with all of the facts enclosed in your article,Darrah): Period. The End.

  8. NYC says:

    I felt the most hypocritical thing she said over the HIV scandal was “her” girls have a choice to have scenes with condoms.

    Um, if you care so much about the health of your performers. Then make your company condom only. If you wanted a porn union. Was ClubJenna set up for perfomers to be part of profit sharing, medical insurance and pensions? I highly doubt it.

    I truly hate when uneducated people who come into money act like they have degrees from Yale and what they say is brilliant. Being rich doesn’t make you smart. It just makes you very lucky to be rich with smart people behind you.

  9. Darrah Ford says:

    Can you believe she’s left Twitter (again). haha She got into more arguments again against the fans and haters of Tito after he lost his latest match this past weekend. She’s then crying about people hurting her feelings and how she signed all your autographs at the fight. Fucking priceless!! Imagine if me, of all people, left my blog and social networks because people were mean to me. I shit talk and I expect it back. She’s a bigger shit talker and cries and runs away because of what people said mostly to Tito. He never got involved in her arguments on Twitter but she does with his. She does nothing but spew so much shit about many in ultimate fighting & their wives/girlfriends. And she also shit talks other celebrities on Twitter as well. But she complains and cries victim when they do it to her too.

  10. Darrah Ford says:

    Yeah, she used condoms for years at Vivid but then doesn’t with “her” company. She had nothing to do with the company but she could have very easily persuaded Jay into doing what Vivid had done successfully for years with condoms.

  11. Darrah Ford says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  12. gonzofan says:

    WOW. what a load of BS. Darrah Ford the keyboard warrior in full effect…

    I have a question: Do u feel better when you post all that shit about people on the internet?

  13. Darrah Ford says:

    Her lies hurt many women. She glamorized an industry that she herself has gone against now. She glamorized an industry that destroys most of the people in it. She told millions of women how glamorous and empowering to women this industry is and how they could make a lot of money. Those women came into porn and quickly realized it was all a lie. Then they were stuck in the industry. There is a spot in hell for Jenna and the others who brought women in telling them how great it all is when they themselves knew how horrible it is.

  14. frog says:

    Meh, I’ve been following her Twitter for maybe a month now. She makes it pretty clear she considers the trash talk a joke. Then Darrah runs in riding her 2nd hand chariot, screaming to the gods about how unfair it all is…

  15. Darrah Ford says:

    But she gets dead serious hysterical when anyone asks her if she ever did anal, DPs, and she also insists she’s only sucked three cocks in her lifetime. Two husbands and now Tito. Three cocks are her exact words!

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