Capri Anderson was found naked in a hotel room with Charlie Sheen!


Capri Anderson met Charlie Sheen for the first time Monday night in the bar at New York’s Plaza Hotel. She then went to dinner with Charlie along with four other women and three other men. Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards also joined them but soon quickly left because it had become too awkward for her.

Capri and Charlie later went up to his suite. The same suite in which reportedly Denise and her daughters were also staying at while she was in town promoting her new television show. They weren’t in the suite when this all happened. Earlier reports claimed that what set Charlie off was that he couldn’t find his wallet. New reports are now claiming Charlie lost one of his expensive watches, a collection worth $5.6 million dollars, and had accused Capri of stealing it.

Both were naked when Charlie realized his watch is gone. They’re having sex and the first thing he thinks is “hey my watch is gone?” Capri told the police Charlie started throwing chairs, turning over tables, and trashing the room. That’s when Charlie fell and was unconscious. Capri then fled into the bathroom locking herself in. She told authorizes she was extremely afraid and felt threatened by him.

Capri is telling her friends she didn’t steal Charlie watch. I tend to believe it because the police found her naked. So she obviously wasn’t hiding it on her at the time. And I’m sure they also searched her belongings to make sure nothing was stolen. Because we all know they would have loved to blame this all on a porn star.

Capri is extremely upset that reports are claiming she’s a prostitute. Is Capri extremely upset because she would never be a prostitute? Or is she extremely upset because she fears the police will come after her now? If it’s the second choice, then of course she’s denying it all fearing she’ll be arrested. But if it’s the first, go shoot porn outside of California and in most instances, you’ll be arrested.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s life of crime will continue and the police will not file charges against him. He will pay the hotel over $7,000 in damages caused to the room.

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