Jenna Haze: “I am MORE than just a girl who spreads her legs on film.”

I personally like reading about the personal lives of celebrities. I don’t want to hear how a scene went with this or that porn star. Who cares. Unless something scandalous happened on set. And if I want to see anyone naked, I can just Google it. But Twitter has made porn stars into blogging gold! Who is arguing with who and who is suing who and who cheated on who. Porn stars on Twitter are better than any reality show!!

Jenna Jameson just left Twitter (again) this week because she got into more arguments (again) with Tito Ortiz’s fans after he lost another of his matches this past weekend. Her meltdowns are fucking phenomenal! How can anyone forget her tweets claiming she’s only sucked three cocks (two husbands and current boyfriend). Her exact words!!! Her brother told others on his Twitter two weeks ago that he’s rich while they suck cock for free. I can’t make this shit up!!

So don’t ruin the fun and let porn stars tweet what they want!!

From Jenna’s Twitter:

On Wednesday 27th October 2010, @jenxstudios said:

So I wake up this morning & as usual I check all the industry websites. Well I happen to read something about me on today. (usually I really enjoy mikes site btw)

Apparently this guy Steve Lick is disappointed with my tweets. He wrote a review on my tweets where he insults my twitter-style. It seems this steve guy started following me expecting me to basically talk filthy on here all the time. Why? I dunno maybe he wants to jerk off to my tweets?

All I have to say to Mr. Steve Lick is this: I am not a device to entertain you sexually 24/7 on twitter. If you’d like to hear my talk dirty all the time try joining my website. Twitter is NOT a regulated adults-only website so why on earth would I post a picture of my asshole? I have nieces & nephews out there dude. Get real. I am MORE than just a girl who spreads her legs on film. That is only one facet of what makes me, ME. If u aren’t interested in all the aspects of “Jenna Haze” then don’t follow me. And don’t judge me publicly just because u didn’t get to bust that nut to a 140 character tweet..

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2 Responses to Jenna Haze: “I am MORE than just a girl who spreads her legs on film.”

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  2. John says:

    I love you!

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