What happened to the lawsuit filed last year by the female performer who tested positive for HIV?


The female performer who tested positive for HIV last year had sued Cal-OSHA and AIM for invasion of privacy. Cal-OSHA subpoenaed her medical records, in violation of her right to privacy. After AIM had informed her & her partners she had tested positive, they reported her case to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

After state health and safety investigators performed a surprise inspection at AIM last year, they issued subpoenas to patient records and any information on anyone else who had tested positive to HIV. The woman’s attorneys wrote a letter asking Cal-OSHA respect her privacy when conducting the interviews. They never replied back to her or her attorneys and released her real name to the mainstream press.

The female performer tested on June 4, 2009. Her last negative test was on April 29. The results of the June 4 test were received on June 6. She performed a scene on June 5 before the test results were back. She was working with a 37-day-old test.

When AIM was first contacted about the rumors last year, they denied everything and said there were no HIV infections. The only reason we knew anything is because it was first revealed on one of the forums. AIM was forced to make a statement on June 10, 2009 because of the forum posting.

When I had looked at AIM’s website on June 11, 2009, there was still no mention about the new HIV infection. It had been a whole week and AIM hadn’t updated their own website yet alerting the industry.

One of the woman’s partners was told his testing would be paid for. But his girlfriend, also a performer, had to pay for her own testing though she could not afford it.

Sharon Mitchell said they handle everything privately at AIM unless there’s a widespread problem. AIM’s administrator Brooke Miller said it wasn’t a major event and the infected performer didn’t work that much at all. While Jules Jordan even told the LA Times he didn’t think there was a problem and he compared porn stars infected with HIV to stunt doubles performing stunts in Hollywood films.

Hear that everyone? It’s no big deal, not a major event, and it’s all kept private unless there’s a widespread danger (goes public). One person infected is one person too many!! Everyone in the industry should be told of new infections without it ever being released to anyone outside of the industry. But you all were never informed last year until a week later after only the rumors were first posted on a forum. Those performers would still have been working if the story didn’t get leaked out.

Mouth South also claimed how AIM was threatening the performers and everyone else involved with legal action if they talked to anyone:

“AIM is saying the producer director lied about calling them and getting a green light and that they made no mistakes, but they wont release his name and they have reportedly threatened him with legal action if he talks. They have also reportedly threatened the performers if they come forward.”

It was also finally revealed last year that 16 previously unpublicized cases of HIV had been confirmed in the adult industry since 2004’s publicized HIV outbreak. AIM never told any of you and you never had the chance to get tested during all those years. How many other cases are out there that we don’t know about? It would explain a few of the cases where porn stars just get up and unexpectedly leave without a trace.

I get into arguments all the time with new porn stars who tell me how safe they are and AIM is there to protect them. The people who run this industry don’t care about any of you! They don’t care if you live or die. This is a business to them and the people who run this industry are only in it for the money. There will always be another younger, prettier, and less expensive person waiting right behind you to take your place. I hear it all the time from people IN the industry how performers are disposable. Get it through your head that their only interests are their own and no one else’s. Leave now while you still can before it’s too late.

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4 Responses to What happened to the lawsuit filed last year by the female performer who tested positive for HIV?

  1. sam says:

    Mike has not only a very vivid imagination, but a long standing well know personal grudge withsharon mitchell. Mike “heard” AIM was ‘threatening’ people,,,,a 100% pile of crap.

    Patient zero was granted an injuntion againt OSHA and AIM, preventing them form releasing ‘ANY’ information about her,,,even her gender,,a ruling that also impacted the latest case,,,,,,It is illegal for AIM, or any clinic, to release ANY iformation about an HIV positive patient. aim TRIED TO PORRAY THIS AS A VICTORY, BECUASE osha COULDNT GET THE NAME,,,but what it really did is tie AIMS hands in the future regarding how they notify the industry of an HIV positive performer.

    Even when AIM notifies the ‘contacts’ the only thing they can say is …” A person who we have teted positive for HIV has given us your name as a person who he or she may have had contact with”

    AIM, or ANY other clinic does not even tell the ‘contact’ individuals who the ‘patient zero’ is. THATS THE LAW!!!

  2. Mike South says:

    Sam is obviously quite ignorant of AIM procedure and the law if AIM spent as much effort coming up with a legal strategy to release the information of a positive test as they do telling performers NOT TO SAY A WORD about positive test results this p[roblem would have been solved long ago

    and for the record I like Sharon Mitchell, I just do NOT like her trying to pass herself off as a doctor and I detest the joke that is AIM

    When AHF wins and runs AIM out on a rail, Im sure I will get blamed for it…truth is AIM fucked themselves outta that gig. Pure Incompetence . Monkeys could have done better.

  3. sam says:

    So tell us Mike,,one single name of one single performer who was told not to say a word,,,,,,Thats 100% fucking bullshit and you know it.

    And lets say yuor bullshit is true, obviously nobody listened becuase we all know who patient zero is, and we all know who is on the q-l;ist.

    ONE name of ONE performer Mike!!

    And WHO at AIM tells thme this,,,the phlebotomist, Brooke, the lady who runs the front desk, Sharon Mitchell…
    You are spreading RUMORS MIKE,,,,just like always,,you ay you decry rumors but syou continue to spread them

    You CANNOT give one m=name of one performer who was told to be quite,,,not a single one,,,,and you cannot give one name of any AIM employee who told anyone to keep quite,,,,your like a juniour high school with your rumor mongering Mike,,,a fucking little rumor mongering little bitch,,with NOTHING to back up your bullshit statements..NOTHING

    Who tel

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