How did Vivid girl Chloe Jones really die?


After writing my previous post chronicling some of the abuse Charlie Sheen has inflicted on women throughout the years, I wanted to bring up how Chloe Jones died soon after selling her story to the National Enquirer about her affair with Charlie Sheen.

Chloe died on June 2005. Many reports have her selling her story on either February, March, or May 2005. This Chloe blog links a Smoking Gun article which says the story was sold on May 2005. The Smoking Gun link is no longer found on the Smoking Gun site, like much of their older archives anymore. But it’s a cut&paste article from TSG and I’m going with it. Why this is important is because if Chloe sold the story in May, she died one month after selling her story instead of a possible three to four months. But whichever month the story was sold is still a very short time between selling the story & being found dead to be a coincidence.

After Chloe sold her story of her affair with Charlie, she was found dead one month later. News of the affair caused Charlie’s wife Denise Richards to file for divorce. Denise was also pregnant with their second child. One month later, Chloe was dead. Denise claimed in court papers that Charlie may have been involved in Chloe’s death. She claimed that when she asked him if he had anything to do with Chloe’s death, he did not deny it and said “no comment.” Reports claim Chloe died of liver failure due to years of prescription pills & alcohol abuse.

An interview with Chloe’s mother was published claiming that her daughter would call her several times a day afraid Charlie was going to kill her. Chloe claimed that Charlie had threatened to kill her many times since the story broke. The interview also claimed that her mother was planning on suing Charlie Sheen for wrongful death. Chloe’s mother now claims she never gave that interview. Was her mother threatened or paid off to change her story and to drop her wrongful death suit against Charlie Sheen?

Denise’s 17-pages of court documents describing her marriage to Charlie Sheen, and where she mentions Chloe, can be read at The Smoking Gun.

Chloe was married and was survived by her then nine-year-old daughter & eight-year-old twin sons.

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5 Responses to How did Vivid girl Chloe Jones really die?

  1. Steven Millan says:

    It’s pretty strange that Denise Richards was at Charlie’s side(in spite of her strong hatred of him)during his hotel room ordeal,for was it for the sake of her kids(she had with Charlie)or for fear of her life(after all of the numerous nasty things that she’s said about him after their divorce)….

  2. Steven Millan says:

    And BTW:I don’t know Charlie Sheen nor have anything against him(for I’m sure he’s a nice guy if you ever meet him),for I’m only just speculating.

  3. mr bengrim says:

    I cant remember where I read this, maybe rolling stone, but Chloe was dead broke and couldn’t provide herself the medical assistance she needed. If she had that money, she may have survived.

    The details of her death were somewhat terrible, her body gave out and disgusting things happened to her during a slow, drawn out death.

    Im tired of hearing about porn stars who die lonely cruel deaths…Chloe, missy, even maryilyn chambers (she had some of the biggest porn movies of all time and died while living in a trailer park)….

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    But what happened to the $15,000 that Chloe made from selling the Charlie Sheen story? Did the husband take it for the three kids? He was also in porn from what I read where he only worked with her. But the story was sold only a month earlier.

    Steven, Denise was in town promoting her new tv show. I don’t even know why Charlie was there but he, Denise, and their daughters all went to watch a play. Denise probably keeps quiet now because she doesn’t want another court battle. Thankfully she did tell all in court and told what he put her and the family through.

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