A roundup on the latest HIV news updates.


It’s being reported today that two rounds of testing now show no other performers connected with Patient Zero are HIV positive. They also say studios will now get back to production as well. But many of them were already back in production last week. While one company who had quickly put out a press release claiming they were also shutting down, they were back to work the very next day. And if you read any porn star’s Twitter page, you would have seen they were working the very next day or later that same week. One woman posted a picture on her Twitter holding the used condoms her partner had just used.

So there was never really a porn shut down. Many were begging for any work because they needed the money. What good is the money if you’re dead? Most of you didn’t care that a performer had tested positive. The list could have grown but you were oblivious to everything that was going on around you. Big names were on that list but you didn’t care. You also did your silly little interviews claiming AIM is there to protect you. One of the people doing the round of mainstream interviews failed to mention how they were also on the quarantine list. While one male porn star released a statement on one of the blogs claiming he was not on the quarantine list. I was told he was on the quarantine list.

Why wasn’t there a quarantine list for Florida? Many travel to Florida for work but the only quarantine list was for California.

AIM never mentioned how a female performer had tested positive for HIV last year until it had been leaked on the forums first. Why do many of you still hold that clinic to such a high regard?

Tony Montana was diagnosed with HIV back in 1999. He told Gene Ross last year that AIM never notified him. Rocco Siffredi had called him to say how sorry he was after hearing the news. Tony had no idea what he was talking about. Because of AIM, Tony could have kept on working and infected his costars without ever knowing.

According to Gene Ross, the rumor now is that Patient Zero’s porn star girlfriend has skipped town and was never re-tested. If that’s true, how reliable is AIM with what they’re releasing today that everyone else has tested negative during two rounds of testing?

[There’s also word going around that Patient Zero’s girlfriend beat feet, left town and never re-tested. If so, that’s one less chick turning tricks in LA.]

For a multi-billion dollar industry, most of you have no money and are willing to risk getting HIV. Where will your precious little AIM be if that day ever comes? They all claim you’re more protected than the general population though we all know that’s a lie. They only test for three STDs but don’t test for HPV, herpes, and Hepatitis which have no cure.

This will happen again. Who will you blame it on next? You might not be able to throw gay men under the bus anymore because agents are now no longer working with gay men. Though many of you are escorts while many well known female porn stars date bisexual male porn stars.

The news seems to be slowing down now when it comes to this year’s HIV scare. So this might be my last post on it unless something new comes up. We all pray this will never happen again. But I & many others in the industry fear it will only get worse and this will continue to happen more frequently.

If you’ve missed Monica Foster’s MonicaAtHome shows where she discusses many of the issues happening in the industry, check out three of her latest about this year’s HIV scare here, here, and here.

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2 Responses to A roundup on the latest HIV news updates.

  1. Adam Wilcox says:

    Like everyone else, I’m glad it appears nobody else was infected during last month’s HIV scare and that the companies who halted filming are resuming production. But, unfortunately, I have to agree that this will happen again. Porn is such a high-risk industry, even when precautions are taken, that I think it is inevitable for something like this to occur now and again. Does it happen TOO often? I don’t know. I guess it’s a matter of debate.

    Monica Foster’s videos on the subject are excellent. Both she and Lexi Love (on her Ustream channel) posted tremendous and informative vids during the scare.

  2. Darrah Ford says:

    The companies all say they would lose money if condoms are used. But even if fans start watching European porn, the consumer will eventually come back wanting to watch their favorite porn stars even if they’re using condoms.

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