New updates on Jessie Lee

Joanna Angel and her company Burning Angel have set up the new website to help raise money for Jessie. Jessie has no health insurance:

If you are interested in doing an EVENT for Jessie or have anything in mind that you think could benefit her, please let us know! You can email us at with suggestions and information that might be beneficial to Jessie in her time of need.

If you’d like to donate money to help her along, her Paypal Account is:

Thank you to Anon for posting this comment to Jeremy Saffer’s Tumblr page. He’s a photographer and a friend of Jessie. He says her family is now with her in New Jersey. She’ll be in the hospital for a few more days and will also be having surgery. Jeremy gives a new address if you would like to send her gifts and cards. That’s where you can mail Jessie after she’s released from the hospital. It’s:

770 Mill Road Apt 2f
West Seneca, New York, 14224

Joanna says if you want to send gifts, Jessie really loves Hello Kitty or Rainbow Brite themed teddy bears. She says don’t send any flowers, plants, or food. While Jessie is still in the hospital, if Jessie’s fans want to send her anything, to mail it to:

c/o Jessie Lee
1 Robert Wood Johnson Pl.
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
S. ICU Room 1

From Joanna’s Twitter:

When she is coherent I want her to wake up to hundreds of hello kitty dolls!

Address again is 1 Robert wood Johnson pl new Brunswick nj 08901 s icu room 1 c/o Jessie lee !! no flowers at all or any food or plants.

im currently making a “help jessie lee” website. if you are publicly doing anything to help her please let me know and i will include it.

Hey there- here is the website. It will be updated with new info as we get it

From AVN:

AVN reached Joanna Angel Sunday morning, and she commented: “We’ve been working in shifts making sure someone was with [Lee] at the hospital during all visiting hours. Her mom got in yesterday and is with her now, and I will go back and see her again later today. The doctors can’t say anything official about her condition, but she is stable. She’s a really tough girl and I know she’ll make it through this. I’m canceling my trip back to L.A. until she’s better.

“The convention has not been the same without Jessie,” Angel added, “but we are all praying for a speedy recovery, and hopefully she will be Twittering up a storm again soon!”

Angel noted that only Lee’s immediate family and BurningAngel staff are allowed to visit her at the hospital, but get well gifts—specifically Hello Kitty teddy bears and no flowers, plants or food—can be sent c/o Jessie Lee to 1 Robert Wood Johnson Pl., New Brunswick, NJ 08901, S. ICU Room 1.

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4 Responses to New updates on Jessie Lee

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  2. fapjunkie says:

    Any news on how the accident actually happened?

  3. frog says:

    I wonder they’re so adamant no flowers? She’s allergic? They figure they’ll die before she wakes?

  4. Darrah Ford says:

    On LukeIsBack I think they said Joanna made a U-turn and then a car hit the passenger side where Jessie was sitting.

    The no flowers could be because of allergies or maybe yeah it’s going to die soon anyway. The no food is pretty obvious that it might spoil or she might have a certain food allergy.

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