A new Hollywood movie might be made about John Holmes and Bob Chinn.

AVN is reporting that legendary adult film director Bob Chinn’s life story has been optioned by Hollywood production company Formosa Films. The film would chronicle Bob’s 10-year professional relationship with John Holmes. The film will be co-produced by Will Tiao, the producer and star of the political thriller Formosa Betrayed, and John Radulovic, producer of the Showtime TV series Californication:

“I feel an overwhelming responsibility to tell [Chinn’s] story, John’s story, and the story of all those who you worked with in a way that honors all of you,” Tiao said. “Your story is part of America’s story and it must be told in an honest, truthful, unflinching way.”

Bob has also written his first novel “Flesh of the Lotus” and it’s set to be released by BearManor Fiction by the end of the year. He will write six books based on the Johnny Wadd series, which he directed starring John. The series are what launched John’s career:

“In this book I have tried to depict the character as more or less as I had originally envisioned him and would have liked him to be, and the story is set in the very era in which he was created,” Chinn said. “It was the era of the Vietnam War when both our country and our society were in the beginning stages of undergoing a radical transformation.”

“Johnny Wadd, the private detective character that I have depicted in this book was a part of that revolutionary era and he should not be confused with John Holmes, the man, even though somehow they seem to have become almost inextricably linked by history into a single person.”

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8 Responses to A new Hollywood movie might be made about John Holmes and Bob Chinn.

  1. Hi Darrah,

    Bob Chinn recently shared a couple of other comments about the upcoming film project:

    “The movie will primarily focus on my relationship with John Holmes, and will show aspects of him that were not even hinted at or touched on in “Boogie Nights” or “Wonderland” since I was able to witness his beginnings, his rise and his rapid decline.”

    Will Tiao will play Chinn and he and Radulovic have already started the casting process for Holmes and others. With the release of the political thriller “Formosa Betrayed” last year and this project in the works, Tiao will follow with subsequent feature films all centering on notable Asian Americans.

  2. mr Ben Grim says:

    It might be too soon for any movie that will include John Holmes, especially since it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to do a better job acting as Holmes as did Val Kilmer in ‘Wonderland.’

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  4. Darrah Ford says:

    Thank you for the quotes Jill.

    Yeah Val did brilliant acting wise. And I believe I read how Sharon and Dawn said how Val even walked like John and how he became John on set. But the John that would be portrayed in the new movie would be mostly before his drug use and during his “glory days.” How about Vincent Gallo as John?

  5. Vincent Gallo would make a rather interesting choice. He doesn’t appear to be too tall though and John was 6’2″ – maybe it wouldn’t matter. Matthew McConaughey has close to the same stature and physical characteristics.

  6. fapjunkie says:

    Vincent probably wouldn’t shy away from doing a hardcore scene either as he did in the Brown Bunny.

  7. Darrah Ford says:

    Have any names been thrown around for who to play Bob? And would Sharon, Dawn, and Laurie be portrayed in this new movie?

  8. Will Tiao, the film’s producer and also the star of the 2009 feature film Formosa Betrayed, will play Bob Chinn. I suspect John’s wives/mistresses will not be featured in the film as this project will focus primarily on the professional relationship between Chinn and Holmes. It is possible though that Julia St. Vincent could be portrayed because of her involvement with Freeway Films (and Exhausted) during the time frame that will be depicted, but I’m only guessing. According to Bob, the film will include highlights of some of Bob and John’s road trips and working vacations. Bob has some rather interesting and also funny anecdotes to share about his travel adventures with Holmes – some of his recollections are included in our book and some are not.

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