Jessie Lee is out of surgery and doing well.

There’s been some question as to why money donated to Jessie’s Paypal account isn’t going to Jessie’s account anymore. Absturbation asked Joanna Angel on Twitter and Joanna replied:

it goes to her moms because i don’t have her password.

Others have also asked how exactly did the accident happen. One story from LukeIsBack is that while Joanna was driving, she made a U-turn and a car slammed into the passenger side of their car where Jessie was sitting.

The website Joanna has set up to help raise money for Jessie,, has now been updated with thank you gifts if you donate:

$50 Donation: an Autographed BurningAngel Magazine

$100 Donation: an Autographed BurningAngel Magazine, a One-Month membership to and a BurningAngel DVD

$250 Donation: The Joanna Angel Blow-Up Doll, an Autographed BurningAngel Magazine, a One-Month membership to and a BurningAngel DVD

To receive your thank you gifts, please send an email to with “PAYPAL DONATION” in the Subject Line. Include your PayPal Transaction ID # and the ADDRESS where you’d like the gifts mailed, and we’ll confirm it’s been done.

And Joanna has updated her Twitter about Jessie’s condition:

Ocotober 9:

Please go to and help @OMGitsJessieLee have a speedy recovery. She goes into surgery today!

i just want you all to know that my laptop screen is cracked in half. i can only read like, the right half of your tweets.

foam laptop cases are not car accident proof- just in case you were wondering.

from jessies mom- she is moving all her extremities, with equal strength on both sides. she is sitting up, and yelling at the doctors =)

i think thats a good sign!

WOW so many amazing emails are coming in from people who want to help @OMGitsJessieLee THANK YOU!! we will get back to you!

She is out of surgery and it went well !! She is in recovery and will be out of the icu later tonight !!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH @Exxxotica has donated $500 to Jessie Lees Paypal. We love you! Who can match them!!

11 hours ago:

On my way to the hospital to visit Jessie . I will update you when I get there .

Well I’m in the hospital and Jessie wants me to twitter for her “please follow me its a lot of fun ” so follow @OMGitsJessieLee

I’m really happy she’s doing better . Hopefully shell be out of the hospital this weekend !!

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