If you Google the word boobs, you’ll find the hottest philologist ever.

I rarely watch the televised version of TMZ and just prefer going to their website. The last time I actually watched TMZ, they featured Paul Thomas on their show. They didn’t on the website but only on the show. So I watched their show last night and they interviewed Marina Orlova. She told them if you Google the word boobs, her name is listed first. You can watch the segment of that TMZ show on their website here.

Marina is a Russian philologist & etymologist, which is the study of languages and origins of words. She has one of the top Youtube channels out there called HotForWords where she discusses the origins of words.

You can also find her at:





The Youtube video that got her the #1 boobs listing on Google is, of course, titled Boobs. Her fans wanted to know the origins of the word boobalicious. You can watch her explain it all here.

Among other things, Marina is one of the most popular women on the internet & was named the “#1 Sexiest Geek of the Year” by Wired Magazine.

Marina now lives in Beverly Hills. She says her work takes up all of her time, sometimes on a computer up to 14 hours a day, and she has no time to date.

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