Big victories in court for Janine Lindemulder.


On Wednesday, November 17, reported that an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled against Jesse James’ request to move the child custody case to Texas. Though the judge did recommend using a Texas-based counselor who has already worked with both Janine and Jesse.

Janine also won another victory when on Friday, November 19, the judge ruled that Janine gets to have her daughter on all major holidays, including Thanksgiving this week with her mother & family in Oregon.

Janine’s third victory was when the judge granted Janine’s request for a “730 Evaluation”:

James did not attend the hearing held in Judge David Belz’s courtroom at the Santa Ana Justice Center although Lindemulder was present.

In California, a “730 Evaluation” can be described as an in-depth study and investigation of the “family, it’s members, and/or prospective members” and their relationship with the children.

The evaluation is carried out by an “evaluator” with the intent of helping the court determine what custody, visitation, and/or parenting arrangement would be in the “best interest of the children.”

James was given two weeks to pay outstanding legal fees of over $50,000.00 to Lindemulder’s attorney.

Following the hearing, Lindemulder tells, “I’m happy about the 730 Evaluation and that I will see Sunny for Thanksgiving but we have been here so many times before, I will believe it when I see it.”

But like before, Jesse has broken many court orders and Janine might not be able to have her daughter for Thanksgiving. But since this is a new judge and things are now speeding up faster, maybe this judge will actually follow the law and put Jesse in prison the next time he breaks a court order & grant Janine sole custody like what happens every single day in this country when one parent breaks a court order.

Everyone will be back in court on February 2011 for the status of the “730 Evaluation.”

In unrelated news, Jesse’s girlfriend Kat Von D posted these pictures on her Twitter standing outside her Los Angeles home after a fire early this morning & a picture of her cat Valentine who died in the fire. No word yet as to how the fire started. Kat was not home but was in Canada promoting her new book.

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5 Responses to Big victories in court for Janine Lindemulder.

  1. Good for her. I’m so glad the tide is turning in her favor – FINALLY!

  2. frog says:

    Darrah started complaining about the judge awhile ago. It’s starting to look now like she was on to something…

    Could one of the reasons Jesse wanted to move the case to Texas have had anything to do with wanting to get away from this judge? No doubt he’s got a high-priced lawyer who probably knows the judges’ reputations.

    That’s big she got the kid for the holidays. Don’t think the judge would have done that if he had placed any faith at all in Jesse’s claim that Janine threatened to kidnap Sunny!

  3. Darrah Ford says:

    But his lawyer still claims Jesse is “allowing” Janine to see her daughter when it’s the JUDGE the one allowing her to see her daughter. If everything was being worked out, why is Jesse now trying to move the case out of state to a state he doesn’t even live in full-time?

  4. frog says:

    Darrah comment: “If everything was being worked out, why is Jesse now trying to move the case out of state to a state he doesn’t even live in full-time?”

    Were you talking to me? Who said everything was being worked out?

  5. Darrah Ford says:

    Yeah I was talking to you but also reminding everyone how this has been playing out. But his lawyer has said many times throughout the months how Jesse gave Janine more visits and they’re working things out. He never gave her any visits. It’s the judge who has. But then he pulls more shit on her like keeping her away from her daughter. Now this trying to move the case out of state. It’s just never ending.

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