Lindsay Lohan was fired from the Linda Lovelace movie; Linda’s family doesn’t want the film made.


Matthew Wilder, the director of “Inferno,” said that he had let Lindsay Lohan go due to “the impossibility” of obtaining insurance for her as well as “some other issues.” He’s now hired actress Malin Akerman to portray Linda Lovelace:

“We are casting Malin Akerman for the role of Linda Lovelace. We are currently in negotiations and working out the legalities of bringing her on board.”

“We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support.”

Lindsay is denying she was fired and insists she left on her own due to the negativity of the role:

“It’s not fair in any way, shape, or form for those reports to be out there. Lindsay is 100 percent insurable, all she had to do was put up a fee as a bond then she would have been paid upon completion. I could insure her today,” Ethan Terra, a close Lohan family friend and co-owner of mom Dina’s production company, told Pop Tarts. “She was definitely not fired.”

Terra also said that the decision to opt out of the production, which will now star “The Proposal” actress Malin Ackerman, was actually made by Lohan and her personal posse.

“Lindsay and her team decided that a film like this would be counterproductive. When she takes on a role she really becomes the character, and right now she is surrounded by nothing but positivity, so putting her back into a negative frame of mind would be very self-destructive,” Terra continued. “When she signed on to that role she was surrounded by negativity, and now she’s in a much stronger and more positive place.”

Lindsay Lohan is box office poison and has been for years. She rather be a drugged out party girl instead of at home reading through her new script. She craves the tabloid attention & invites it when real actresses don’t have the time to be out at every single party every single night. She either shows up late to set or doesn’t show up at all. When she does show up ten hours late, she throws a tantrum if anyone dares to ask where the hell she was. All of this costs money which most sets can’t afford anymore. She rather be a celebrity now who is only famous for being famous instead of being known for her acting. She’s fired from most of her new projects and never takes responsibility for anything going wrong.

From the very beginning, there were always reports from sources claiming Lindsay would never portray a porn star because it would ruin her career. A career she still thinks she has. Though the film “Boogie Nights” started the careers for many of its stars. Four years ago, Lindsay even referred to the strippers who were giving her stripping lessons for her movie “I Know Who Killed Me” as as cunts and whores:

Subject: They’re all whores, they’re all whores . . . xcept for some obviously!

So … 3 hours of pole dancing and bruised. everywhere … I mean we’re talkin’ like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised … like a walking black-and-blue mark. I mean really though, really, I didn’t know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body. Strippers dude, I tell you, I really respect the cunts now … I’m not gonna lie to ya.

Lindsay didn’t even deny what she said in the email because her publicist released the statement:

“Her character is a stripper, and she now realizes that the job isn’t easy. We should give these women credit.”

For a woman who has already given the world many crotch shots, shown her boobs, and slept with half of Hollywood by now, who the hell is she to criticize strippers? Most strippers are either putting themselves through school or supporting their children. They actually work for a living unlike Lindsay who thinks the world is one big party.

Her father Michael Lohan was so disgusted with Lindsay’s choice in playing Linda Lovelace. Though he saw no problem in practically groping Gina Lynn at a press conference back in April promoting her appearance at “Celebrity Boxing 19”:

“Please, don’t give me this ‘craft’ or ‘artistic’ BS. Mark my words, it’s a blunder and the film will flop.”

“WOW! Linda Lovelace! What great management and career decisions!! It’s a far cry from the general audience and good-natured films Lindsay did, that made her a star!”

“Tell me, what father would support his beautiful and talented daughter, playing a porno star?!”

“Look at the films she did, and the career she had while she had a mother and father in her life. I’m talking about Parent Trap through Mean Girls.”

“Then look at everything after she had only her mother in her life. You and your ‘team’ have done and continue to do a great job, Dina.”

There are many porn stars today who have a more stable life than Lindsay Lohan does. She’s no longer an actress but has become the big joke throughout Hollywood. She’s now only a celebrity and famous for being famous. No one takes her seriously anymore and she has ruined many projects just because her name was attached to it. She’s not reliable and costs these productions lots of money when she flakes and shows up late on set or not at all. So if Lindsay is hired to play Linda Lovelace, the movie will be a flop because a real actress wasn’t hired.

But who is Michael Lohan to thumb his nose down at porn stars? He’s been in and out of prison, been accused of physically abusing his family, didn’t pay child support, and has been arrested for beating his ex-girlfriends. He leaches off his daughter’s name and has caused much of his daughter’s downfall. Before attacking any porn star, he should look at his own family and see the mess that he helped create.

I never really believed Lindsay would end up portraying Linda. I always saw it as one big publicity stunt from everyone involved. Because why wouldn’t Brian Grazer hire a real actress but risk his movie being destroyed by Lindsay Lohan? She even risked going to prison for this movie by flying out to the Cannes Film Festival instead of preparing for her court appearance that same week. She went to the festival to promote a film that still hadn’t confirmed her yet as its lead actress. Now the movie has become a joke where many are just sick hearing about it.

Linda’s family is now speaking out attacking the movie saying Linda would have hated the idea of a movie being made about her, no one involved with the film contacted the family, and the family wants her to finally rest in peace:

“She would have absolutely hated the idea of a film being made about her life. And I also hate the idea,” the Sun quoted her sister Barbara as saying.

“It’s disgusting to keep dragging up her life like this. No one from the film company has told me about it. I had absolutely no idea this was going on.

“This will kill my father. He has taken about all he can take.

“These people are all just money-hungry. Why can’t they let my sister just rest in peace?” Barbara said.

Picture Source: TMZ

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6 Responses to Lindsay Lohan was fired from the Linda Lovelace movie; Linda’s family doesn’t want the film made.

  1. Send her to jail/rehab. She will be this way forever and never learn otherwise.

  2. Steven Millan says:

    I knew that Lindsay Lohan would eventually be dropped from INFERNO,for given both her recent drug problems and various jail and rehab stays(as well as the fact that she looks nothing like Linda Lovelace),for I’m surprised that LiLo lasted long on the set of her film MACHETE,otherwise I’m expecting LiLo to come eventually down in a really enormous way(since it looks like both jail and rehab didn’t do much help for her).

  3. frog says:

    Send her to jail/rehab. She will be this way forever and never learn otherwise.

    Hasn’t she already been to jail and rehab?

  4. Yes she went to jail for a day or two until they found some tecnicality to let her out. If a non-celeb kept on re-offending the way she does they would do time in jail with the maximum sentance.

  5. frog says:

    Damn, I don’t even follow celebrity news and even I know she’s been in too much trouble. Can’t believe they haven’t put her away for at least awhile yet.

  6. Darrah Ford says:

    She and her mother still insist she wasn’t fired and how SHE left on her own. She’s fired from almost everything she has!!

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